Best Text Therapy Apps and Providers

As online therapy programs continue to grow in popularity, the types of support and services offered continue to expand. One of the coolest and most flexible options currently available at some top providers is text therapy. Text message therapy allows you to message back and forth with your therapist via text or through a dedicated app messaging platform without an appointment.

In this guide, we’ll showcase the best text therapy app providers, walk you through how text therapy works, and answer the most important questions you may have.

Top 3 Text Therapy Services

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1. Talkspace – Best All-Around

  • One of the most well-known and respected online therapy companies
  • Access to psychiatry services available as well (able to prescribe medicine)
  • Dedicated therapy options like insomnia, couples, and teen
  • Over 40 million Americans are covered through insurance
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2. BetterHelp – Best for Unique Features

BetterHelp App Screenshots
  • Allows you to join anonymously if you want to
  • Simple subscription plan that comes with every available feature
  • Added features like group therapy sessions and self-help worksheets included
  • Financial aid options may be available
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3. Pride Counseling – Best for LGBTQ Text Therapy

Pride Counseling App Screenshots
  • Dedicated therapists with expertise for the LGBTQ community
  • Discreet billing as “BetterHelp” if you want additional privacy
  • Simple subscription plan that comes with every available feature
  • Financial aid options may be available
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Why Are These the Best Text Therapy Providers?

  • Licensed Therapists
  • Privacy and Security
  • Easy-to-Use Platforms
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Affordable Online Therapy Plans

Licensed Therapists

A critical element of the best text therapy apps is the quality of the therapists you get access to. All of the options we’ve recommended here today are licensed therapists with higher-level degrees and full certifications in their respective fields.

Privacy and Security

You’re never going to see an online therapy provider get anywhere close to our list of the best text therapy providers if they don’t get perfect marks in privacy and security. This includes things like being HIPAA compliant, encrypting all messages properly, offering secure billing, and providing a safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing with your therapist. We refuse to compromise when it comes to privacy and security. Period.

Easy-to-Use Platforms

Text therapy is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. Every app or website on our list comes with an exceptionally easy-to-use platform. This means that from the second you create an account, through signing up for services, through actually using the services—it’s 100% user-friendly.

iOS and Android Apps

While dedicated apps aren’t always necessary to use online therapy, they can really help to simplify and secure the process. Each of the text therapy providers on our best-of list has a well-respected iOS (Apple) and Google Play (Android) app available for download. Each of those downloads is conveniently available through the links we’ve provided in this guide.

Affordable Online Therapy Plans

While we never advocate for putting a price on your mental health, there’s no reason to pay more than you have to. In fact, we think that if a provider is too expensive or not covered through your insurance, it can potentially create more issues for you, which is not the goal. All of the best text therapy providers we’ve recommended here today are affordable and have plans available for people with and without insurance.

Benefits of Text Message Therapy

  • Access to your therapist 24/7/365
  • Able to boost the results you see from regular sessions
  • Get the help and support you need when you need it most
  • Don’t have to wait a whole week or month to get answers to questions
  • Usually more affordable than in-person therapy options
  • Can be paired with online therapy one-on-one sessions

Text Therapy Apps FAQ

Do these text therapy programs come with one-on-one sessions?

Many of these text therapy programs do come with one-on-one sessions as part of the treatment plan, but not all of them. If you are looking for exclusively text message therapy (with no one-on-one sessions), Talkspace does have an option like that.

Additionally, the other options that do come with these sessions don’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. So, you can always sign up with those and elect not to participate in the private sessions. It’s 100% what you’re comfortable with. But yes, most of these plans and providers do offer one-on-one sessions as part of the packages.

Can I reach out to my therapist 24/7?

Yes, with most of these plans, you are able to reach out to your therapist 24/7/365. A few options have limitations on the weekends, but most of them allow you to send messages whenever you want. You should expect your therapist to be faster about responding during normal business hours and possibly a little slower on the weekends and holidays. These are all things you can work out with your therapist when you sign up (what works best for both of you).

How long does it take my therapist to respond?

While you probably won’t get immediate responses back in real-time, most of the therapists are fairly quick to respond to all of your messages. The actual response time will depend on when you send your message, the degree of help you’re looking for, and the arrangement that you have with your personal therapist.

We’d actually say to be wary of text therapy providers that respond instantly, as that’s usually a sign the company is using canned, pre-written responses all the time, which isn’t something we’re a fan of. We don’t mind if a therapist sends something they’ve written before that is perfect for your situation, but we advocate for the most personalized service possible.

Will I always speak with the same therapist?

Yes! All of the best text therapy providers set you up with a therapist that you’ll continue seeing for the duration of your treatment. One of the coolest parts about online therapy is that it removes a lot of the need to find a new therapist if you or your therapist moves. This means you can really build a relationship out with a therapist that you connect well with for a much better overall experience.

If I don’t like my text therapy therapist, can I switch?

Absolutely. All of the top online therapy providers give you the flexibility to switch therapists at any time for any reason. In fact, with most companies, you’re not even going to see any interruption in your service. If for some reason you’re not a fan of the person you’re working with, that’s okay. The entire goal of these programs is to help you get the help you need, and if that means switching to someone new—that’s okay.

Are text therapy apps expensive?

The cost of text message therapy varies from provider to provider and based on where you live. That being said, most of these programs are designed to be affordable, whether you have insurance or not. Generally, plans that have the text message feature are part of a monthly subscription plan that works out to somewhere around $60-$100 per week.

Also, if you do have concerns about covering the costs of your therapy services, many of these companies do offer financial aid through specialty programs. If you’re worried about how you’re going to afford services, use the links to the sites we provided and look for the financial aid forms on the checkout page (before you input your payment information).

Currently, BetterHelp and Pride Counseling are the two main options on our list with financial aid available. If you’re looking for an option that works with a lot of insurance companies and employer benefit programs, you’ll have the best luck with Talkspace.

How to Get Started With Text Therapy Online Now

  1. Select one of the providers from the table below.
  2. Click the link to navigate to the appropriate sign-up page.
  3. Input your information, and sign up for a plan.
  4. Once you’re connected with a therapist, start texting and talking.
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