Doctor On Demand vs. AmWell

Millions of people seek mental health services each year to handle issues ranging from grief to relationship struggles. Multiple sources report that with the ongoing pandemic, these numbers have skyrocketed in 2020. This is no surprise considering we are all stuck in tight quarters, strictly withheld from our coping mechanisms, and constantly being denied some of the basic necessities to quality living.

If you feel like you need some extra help with your emotional or behavioral health, know that you are not alone. There is no shame in reaching out to a therapist for support, and luckily you can easily access therapy online. The only question is, which online therapy provider is the right one for you?

Today, we are looking at two of the biggest names in telemedicine- Dr. On Demand and AmWell. We have taken the dive into both of these websites to determine the differences in their costs, providers, and overall services. So, if you want to know which is the better choice for you, simply keep reading.

Key Differences Between Dr. On Demand and AmWell

  • Dr. On Demand charges more per session.
  • AmWell standard sessions are 45 minutes long while Dr. On Demand standard sessions are only 25 minutes.
  • Dr. On Demand only works with the highest licensed and educated therapists.
  • AmWell can help with therapeutic specialty areas like postpartum support.

Comparing the Services Offered

What’s the Same

  • Both services can accept insurance.
  • Doctor On Demand  and AmWell both charge per appointment.
  • Both services provide access to psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Amwell and Dr. On Demand both have 24/7 customer service.
  • Neither service offers unlimited text or chat access to therapists.

What’s Different

  • Dr. On Demand only works with psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Amwell works with basic-level counselors to offer some lower cost therapy options.
  • Amwell may have more specific therapy options like teen, postpartum, etc.
  • Doctor On Demand can provide evaluations and assessment services.
  • Amwell powers the websites of many online therapy service providers.

Dr. On Demand and Amwell are both full service telemedicine companies. This means that patients can find mental health care services as well as basic medical care on these websites. They offer incredibly similar amenities, but still vary in important ways. Dr. On Demand comes across as the mature sibling of Amwell (though Amwell has been around longer). 

Dr. On Demand utilizes only the most highly educated providers, which means your therapy will be held with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. At first glance, this makes the website seem more serious about the services provided. However, it also greatly increases the cost of services because psychologists and psychiatrists both tend to charge more for their time.  

It is important to note that Amwell does offer appointments with psychologists and psychiatrists; however, they also utilize the beneficial services of general counselors and therapists. They may not have as high a level of education or licensure, but they are perfectly capable of providing support and guidance to those in need. Plus, it costs considerably less money!

Uninsured patients can be seen by a counselor on Amwell for only $109. The lowest therapy price for uninsured patients on Dr. On Demand is $79.

Both Doctor On Demand and Amwell are able to accept insurance, providing that your insurance plan covers telemedicine. If you want to see if your insurance works with these websites, you can sign up for free and submit your insurance information. If you still have questions about coverage and costs, you can contact both providers’ customer service agents 24/7 by calling their respective 1-800 numbers. 

These services both charge by appointment, so you won’t be paying any subscription fees. If the idea of paying a monthly or yearly subscription for unlimited service options appeals to you, check out our comparison of BetterHelp and Talkspace. 

The Price Difference – Dr. On Demand vs. Amwell

Key Takeaways

  • Both sites charge per appointment, not by month or year.
  • Dr. On Demand charges $79/ session for standard therapy.
  • Amwell starts at $109 for a 45-minute therapy appointment.
  • Amwell’s initial cost for a psychiatry appointment is $279.
  • Dr. On Demand’s initial cost for a psychiatry appointment is $299.
  • A follow-up psychology appointment at Amwell costs $109.
  • A follow-up psychology appointment at Dr. On Demand costs $79. 

Doctor On Demand Cost

Type of ServiceSession LengthPrice
Therapy/Psychology (Initial)50 minutes$179
Therapy/Psychology (Follow-Up)25 minutes$79
Psychiatry (Initial)45 minutes$299
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)15 minutes$129

Amwell Cost

PlanTermInitial Visit CostFollow-Up Cost
Therapy (Masters Level)1 Session$109 $109
Therapy (Doctorate Level)1 Session$129$129
Psychiatry1 Session$279$109

The Bottom Line on the Cost Comparison

Depending on the services you seek, many aspects of Dr. On Demand and Amwell are quite comparable. Amwell begins psychology service pricing at $109. Psychiatric services cost $279 for the initial visit and $109 for follow up appointments. 

By comparison, Dr. On Demand’s psychology appointments cost $79. Their psychiatric appointments start at $299 for the initial visit and $129 for follow ups. Dr. On Demand does cost more, but the price difference may feel negligible to patients who prefer the service offerings of Dr. On Demand. 

The biggest difference in cost is two-fold...

First, Amwell offers counseling from non-psychologists, which means you can get an appointment for only $109. This isn’t an option with Dr. On Demand, so it is a huge selling point.  

Second, Amwell’s appointment lengths are longer by standard than Dr. On Demand. These sessions are 45-minutes in length for the base price. Doctor On Demand does offer longer visit times, but they cost more money.  Dr. On Demand does have the unique benefit of being able to extend a session, but those charges are not transparently provided. 

If you are still unsure of which service to pick based on price alone, you might want to look into our in-depth reviews of Dr. On Demand and Amwell for more information. 

Who is Dr. On Demand Better For?

  • Individuals seeking mental health screenings and evaluations.
  • Those wanting providers with the highest education.
  • Patients who don’t need frequent appointments.
  • Anyone who may need prescriptions as well as therapy.
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Who is Amwell Better For?

  • Those looking for lower-priced services.
  • Patients who want information on very specific therapy services like postpartum depression, ptsd, insomnia, etc.
  • Those wanting a service that is well established in the industry.
  • Those who are relying on insurance acceptance before making an appointment.
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