LiveHealth vs. Dr. On Demand

LiveHealth and Doctor On Demand are telemedicine companies that offer online therapy services for both insured and uninsured patients. Both companies formed in 2013 and have stellar reviews from thousands of patients. Their platforms are strikingly similar, so how would one choose between them?

Luckily, we’ve combed through the details and searched through the reviews so we can bring you the most important information about these services. How much do they cost? How easy are they to use? Are they reputable? We have all the answers.

Take a look through our guide to help you determine which service is the best for your therapy and mental health needs. If you are looking for information on other online therapy providers, take a look at our other detailed reviews.

Key Differences Between LiveHealth and Dr. On Demand

  • LiveHealth therapy sessions begin at only $80.
  • Doctor On Demand starts therapy pricing at $79 a session.
  • LiveHealth is headquartered out of India, whereas Dr. On Demand is based in California.
  • Dr. On Demand offers mental health evaluations and other assessment services.

Comparing the Services Offered

What’s the Same

  • Both services accept many major insurances.
  • You don’t need a monthly subscription for either service.
  • LiveHealth and Dr. On Demand both have highly rated mobile apps.
  • Both services provide therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

What’s Different

  • LiveHealth has considerably lower prices as compared to Dr. On Demand.
  • Dr. On Demand has some assessment and behavioral health services available that you can’t get through LiveHealth.
  • Doctor On Demand has great services for new parents and breastfeeding moms.
  • It can take up to two weeks to see a therapist with Dr. On Demand.
  • LiveHealth may be able to get you in with a therapist on the same day.

LiveHealth and Dr. On Demand are two of the most popular providers of online medical care and therapy services. Each website/ app allows patients to find local, licensed providers with whom they can schedule appointments. On both sites, you will be able to look at the available providers and assess their specialities and how they fit with your goals.

Both websites excel in customer service and transparency. Users can gain access to terms of service, appointment costs, FAQs, and 24 hour customer reps without the need to pay for a membership to the website. In fact, there are no subscription fees for users, and the only additional fees to be found are for last-minute appointment cancellations or to add more time to scheduled appointments.

Many Users appreciate that Dr. On Demand is headquartered out of the United States, whereas LiveHealth is based in India. However, others say this doesn’t seem to affect the quality of service, so it will come down to your comfort and preference.

The most prolific difference between the two services are their costs. While both only charge per actual appointment, these costs are highly varied. The lowest appointment cost at LiveHealth is $75. At Dr. on Demand, the lowest uninsured appointment cost is $79. For psychiatry, these prices have an even greater gap. LiveHealth costs $175 for the initial visit and $75 for the follow up. Dr. On Demand charges $299 for their initial visit and a 15-minute follow-up costs $129.

Both services do allow the use of certain insurances, which can help lower these costs. Whether or not your insurance is accepted can make a large difference in your final choice of service. Luckily, it is free to sign up for both websites, which means you can check your insurance against their list of approved providers to find yourself the absolute best deal.

The Price Difference – LiveHealth vs. Doctor On Demand

Key Takeaways

  • Neither service charges monthly fees for access to their websites.
  • LiveHealth starts at $80 for a therapy appointment, which lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Dr. On Demand’s therapy appointment’s start at $79 for 25 minutes.
  • LiveHealth’s initial cost for a psychiatry appointment is $175.
  • Dr. On Demand’s psychiatry appointments start at $299.
  • A psychiatry followup with LiveHealth costs $75.
  • A psychiatry followup with Dr. On Demand is $129.

LiveHealth Cost

Type of ServiceSessionsPrice
TherapyPer visit$80
PsychologyPer visit$95
Psychiatry (Initial)One time$175
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)As needed$75

Dr. On Demand Cost

Type of ServiceSession LengthPrice
Therapy/Psychology (Initial)50 minutes$179
Therapy/Psychology (Follow-Up)25 minutes$79
Psychiatry (Initial)45 minutes$299
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)15 minutes$129

The Bottomline on the Cost Comparison

The price of these two services is the most obvious difference among them. LiveHealth has some of the absolute lowest prices for uninsured patients of any online therapy provider. Those seeking standard therapy appointments can be seen for a stunningly low $80/ session. A visit with a psychologist is $95/ session. Psychiatric appointments at LiveHealth are stunningly inexpensive without insurance. The national average cost for a preliminary psychiatric visit is $400, but LiveHealth offers the service for $175 – follow ups are $75 a session.

By comparison, Doctor On Demand pricing for a standard therapy appointment (for uninsured patients) starts at $179/ session. However, these are sessions with licensed psychologists, so this price should be compared to the $95 option through LiveHealth. Dr. On Demand psychiatry appoints, while coming in under the national average, start at $299/ session. Follow up sessions are $129 for 15 minutes.

While LiveHealth and Dr. On Demand both provide fantastic services from licensed professionals, the price difference is pretty wide. Those who are seeking the absolute lowest cost per visit should consider LiveHealth for their therapy needs. However, remember that Doctor On Demand has perks as well. Their huge provider pool alone is a great reason to consider their service. If you’d like to see more in-depth information on everything Dr. On Demand has to offer, consider reading our detailed review of the website.

Who is LiveHealth Better For?

Live Health Online App Screenshots
  • Those looking for the lowest prices available
  • Anyone wanting great teletherapy services along with 24/7 access to medical care
  • Individuals who want some of the best customer service in the industry
  • Patients who may need ongoing psychiatric help
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Who is Doctor On Demand Better For?

Doctor on Demand App Screenshots
  • Patients needing mental health screenings prior to engaging in therapy or psychiatric treatment.
  • Individuals who only plan to see their therapist only once or twice a month.
  • Anyone who prefers to research their therapist before making an appointment.
  • Those who want to use a company that is headquartered out of the United States.
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