Talkspace vs. Doctor On Demand

Making the choice between online therapy services can create a lot of unnecessary stress. There are so many options out there with wildly varying service structures, price points, and reputations. Who should you choose?

The answer comes down to finding the service that ticks all your boxes. One that is affordable, offers the services you need, and has the security and reputation to make you feel secure.

We know that sounds like a lot of research. So, to help ease your burden we’ve put together a comparison of two particularly popular services: Talkspace and Dr. On Demand. Let’s take a look at how these companies stack up against one another so you can put your mental and emotional health into the right hands.

If you are ready to get started with an online therapy provider, you should check out our in depth reviews and comparisons on the industry’s biggest names. We have all the information you need to make an informed choice that can lead you down the path of improved mental and emotional health.

Key Differences Between Talkspace and Doctor On Demand

  • Talkspace is a subscription service with recurring fees, whereas Dr. On Demand charges on a visit to visit basis.
  • Dr. On Demand charges more for initial visits with Psychiatrists, making switching doctors more expensive. Talkspace allows you to switch doctors without incurring an additional fee.
  • Consistent use can make the subscription aspect of Talkspace cheaper, Doctor On Demand doesn’t discount services based on level of use.
  • Dr. On Demand has quick access to providers for non-behavioral health issues as well, Talkspace does not.

Comparing the Services Offered

What’s the Same

  • Both Dr. On Demand and Talkspace provide licensed psychologists and psychiatrists 
  • Both services can potentially offer prescriptions
  • Both Talkspace and Doctor On Demand offer 7 day a week service
  • Both services require you to sign up with your real name and information
  • Both Talkspace and Dr. On Demand may be able to accept your insurance
  • Both Dr. On Demand and Talkspace doctors are capable of writing recommendation letters for therapy animals

What’s Different

  • Doctor On Demand offers medical services beyond therapy and psychiatry
  • Talkspace has therapists available 24/7 whereas Dr. On Demand requires a preset appointment
  • Dr. On Demand Doesn’t charge a recurring fee each week, month, or year for services you may not use. 
  • Talkspace memberships come with unlimited messaging at no additional cost
  • Doctor On Demand offers in-depth screening for behavior and mental health issues
  • Talkspace offers bundling on psychiatry services to lower your overall cost

So, what do you need in your online therapy provider? Do you want a single session every few months to talk through work stress, relationship problems, etc? You will likely really enjoy the pricing options of Dr. On Demand. If you are a consistent therapy user who wants to reach out to your therapist at 2 am, 4 days a week, Talkspace is definitely the better option. 

Before making any decision, do a little introspection and ask yourself, “how committed and consistent do I plan to be with online therapy?” The answer to that question can lead to the cheaper and more effective service for you. 

The Price Difference – TalkSpace vs. Dr. On Demand

Key Takeaways

  • Talkspace uses a membership pricing structure that can cost as low as $260 a month. 
  • Doctor On Demand charges per consultation. Therapy starts at $129 dollars a session. 
  • Talkspace psychiatry services are based per visit. The initial consultation is $199.
  • Dr. On Demand’s psychiatry services cost $299 for the initial consultation.
  • Talkspace offers Psychiatry bundling plans to save money on the overall experience. 
  • Both services may be able to accept your insurance to save you money
  • Dr. On Demand costs additional money if you need more than the allotted appointment time
  • Neither service requires a binding payment contract. You can cancel Talkspace at any time and Dr. On Demand only charges per appointment. 

Talkspace Cost

Therapy PlansMonthly PricingQuarterly PricingBiannual PricingFeatures
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus$260$708$1,248Unlimited text, video, and audio 5 days a week
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium$316$852$1,512All Plus Plan options + 1 monthly live session
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate$396$1,068$1,896All Plus Plan options + 4 monthly live sessions
Couples Therapy$396$1,068NAAll Plus Plan options + 4 monthly live sessions
Teen Therapy$260NANAUnlimited text, video, and audio 5 days a week
Insomnia Therapy$260$520 (for 8 weeks)NA8 weeks of therapy
Psychiatry PlansInitial EvaluationFollow-Up SessionTotal CostBundle Savings
Initial Evaluation + 1 follow-up session$199$113$31210%
Initial Evaluation + 3 follow-up session$199$106$51815%
Initial Evaluation + 6 follow-up session$199$100$79920%

Doctor on Demand Cost

Type of ServiceSession LengthPrice
Therapy/Psychology (Initial)50 minutes$179
Therapy/Psychology (Follow-Up)25 minutes$79
Psychiatry (Initial)45 minutes$299
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)15 minutes$129

The Bottomline on the Cost Comparison

Looking through pricing, you might still wonder who offers the better services for you. Ultimately it all comes down to the services you need and whether the pricing structures will save you money down the line. Sure, $129 for a single therapy session with Dr. On Demand is cheaper than paying $260 for a month of Talkspace access.

While Doctor On Demand may seem to cost more per session, they can help save you fees for unused time on memberships. You don’t have to pay for a month of service only to never use the services you paid for. 

However, those seeking consistent therapy or psychiatry visits can save a lot of money with a Talkspace membership plan. These plans can be canceled at any time and bundling options are available for a la carte services. 

If you still need help finding the better online therapy option for you, don’t forget to take a look at our detailed reviews of Talkspace and Dr. On Demand. Arm yourself with knowledge and never worry that you have made the wrong decision. 

Who is TalkSpace Better For?

Talkspace App Screenshots
  • Those looking for consistent therapy services at a discounted rate
  • Those who may need therapy services at any hour of the day
  • Individuals who need specialty services without needing to wait weeks for an appointment
  • Those who find themselves needing an open ear in the wee hours of the morning
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Who is Dr. On Demand Better For?

Doctor on Demand App Screenshots
  • Individuals who want one off therapy sessions without a monthly commitment
  • Anyone who likes accessing their therapist, psychiatrist, and medical doctor in one place
  • Those looking for behavioral health screenings prior to engaging in therapy or psychiatric treatment
  • Patients who only plan to see their therapist sporadically throughout the year
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