Ayana Therapy Cost and Pricing Breakdown

There is a real issue with the state of mental health services for marginalized people. According to one study, 90% of the mental health providers in the United States are ethnically white. This means that patients of color struggle with finding a care provider that truly understands the cultural aspect of their mental health struggles.

That is what led to the creation of Ayana, a therapy matching service that searches a highly diverse selection of therapists to match users with a mental health care provider.

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In this guide, we are taking a look at the services available on Ayana and their cost. Does insurance cover Ayana therapy? Can users get financial assistance? Read on for answers to all your Ayana Therapy cost questions.

How Much is Ayana Therapy?

Non-SubscriptionOne Session$140 (Average)
SubscriptionMonthly (4 Sessions + Live Chat)$290

There is no set cost for these services, but the average cost for a single non-subscription session is $140. Membership is approximately $290 a month and covers 4 sessions and chat access.

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Ayana Therapy Pricing Details Broken Down

  • Ayana has two options for users, pay a monthly fee that includes 4 sessions and chat room access, or pay for individual therapy sessions at a higher price.
  • The average cost of the monthly therapy plan is $290.
  • The cost of a stand-alone therapy session is usually $140.
  • According to Ayana’s FAQ page, some providers may charge less and users won’t know their total cost until they are matched with a provider.

Ayana Therapy Costs

Ayana is a therapy match service, which means they don’t advertise their fees upfront because they may vary depending on your location. However, it looks as though the standard cost of a single therapy session through Ayana costs around $140. This type of session, which doesn’t include a monthly plan for therapy sessions, doesn’t come with open access to therapist chat.

The other payment option is for four sessions which are spread out over a month. This is a recurring charge that usually costs around $290. The four-session plan includes access to therapist chat over text along with four, forty-five-minute therapy sessions.

Payment Options Accepted at Ayana Therapy

Ayana allows payment through credit and debit cards. The types of cards accepted include:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Ayana Therapy Insurance Coverage/ Workplace Access Details

Ayana does not accept insurance nor do they submit insurance claims on behalf of the customer. They do say they want to start accepting insurance, but as of 2022, they are still unable to do so.

They do offer a partnership plan with companies to help bring employees into the Ayana therapy family. This may make it easier for users to access services as some companies may help cover the costs of the service.

If you are interested in asking your company to partner with Ayana, direct them to the free business demo sign-up.

Ayana Therapy Gift Cards

Convincing the ones we love to seek therapy can feel like an impossible task. Especially when the person you love is struggling financially. That’s why Ayana offers the option to purchase a therapy gift card for someone you know.

Ayana Therapy gift cards for sale

These gift cards can be purchased for any amount, which the recipient can then put towards therapy sessions. Alternatively, you can purchase a 4-session gift package for $290 or a one-session package for $140.

Does Ayana Therapy Offer a Free Trial?

Ayana does not offer free trials. This is because Ayana works as a matching service between the customer and the provider. When customers pay, they are paying the therapist, not for an Ayana membership. It is always completely free to sign up for Ayana.

If you would like to get started with Ayana and get matched with a therapist that understands the unique needs of marginalized people, click on our signup button below.

What Does Signing Up For Ayana Therapy Look Like?

When you go to Ayana, you will first need to complete a contact information sheet. It includes your name, email, and location. That’s it.

Afterward, you wait for a message from the Ayana team with the next steps to try out their therapy services. These next steps will include a questionnaire to help match you with a therapist along with information about pricing and how the service works.

You will also have the opportunity to talk to a customer support agent to ask any questions you may have about Ayana and the importance of culturally matched therapists.

Ayana Therapy Pricing FAQ

Is Ayana Therapy Cheaper Than Traditional Therapy?

Ayana Therapy can cost as little as $290 for four full therapy sessions. This is far below the national average cost, which is around $200 for one full therapy session.

Can I Get Financial Assistance for My Ayana Therapy?

At this time, Ayana does not offer any financial assistance for the cost of their therapy services. If you are unable to afford Ayana Therapy, you can try asking friends or family to give you the gift of therapy sessions through an Ayana gift card.

How Do I Check My Ayana Gift Card Balance?

If you need to check your Gift Card Balance, go to the Ayana Gift Card purchasing page. There, you will see a link that reads “check my gift card balance.” You will need to enter the name and email associated with your account to get the correct information about your gift card balance.

How Quickly Can I Be Matched With a Therapist?

Ayana attempts to match users with therapy providers as quickly as possible, but it can take time due to the smaller pool of therapists to choose from. Some users reported a two-week wait before they were matched with a therapist.

If I Cancel My Ayana Membership, Can I Come Back Later?

Yes! Ayana users who cancel their membership are welcome back on Ayana at any time. Additionally, if their previous therapist has open availability, they will be able to keep the same provider.