Calm App Cost and Pricing Breakdown

The Calm App is the world’s #1 stress management app with an impressive 80 million+ downloads and 700,000+ 5-star ratings! And while you can get an awesome 7-day free trial through the link we’ve provided below, there is still a cost to stay on as a premium member. In this guide, we’re going to break down the Calm App cost, the different payment plans, types of payment accepted and more.

And if you’re brand new to the Calm App, make sure to check out our full Calm App review where we talk all the nuts and bolts of this awesome, award-winning app. Homepage Screenshot - The Calm App

How Much is the Calm App?

PlanTermPriceBilled As
Annual1 Year$69.991 Annual Payment
Monthly1 Month$14.991 Monthly Payment
LifetimeForever$399.991 Lifetime Payment

Calm App Pricing Details

  • All memberships come with a 7-day free trial you can claim automatically through the link above.
  • The Calm App offers three pricing options—monthly, annual, and lifetime.
  • The annual pricing plan breaks down to a little under $6 per month.

Calm App Costs Breakdown

The Calm App cost structure is a pretty straightforward plan. Every single plan comes with all of the same great features. You don’t have to worry about deciding which features you want or anything like that. The only decision to make is whether or not you want to use the monthly plan, the annual payment plan, or the lifetime, one-time payment plan. There are no additional add-ons or in-app purchases beyond your initial subscription.

The Annual Plan

The most common plan that people choose to purchase with the Calm App is the annual plan. This is a recurring subscription plan that grants you access to every feature on the app. You’re only charged once a year and your subscription is good for 12 months.

  • Current Annual Plan Cost: $69.99
  • Charged once annually
  • Breaks down to about $5.83 per month
  • Cancel anytime to stop recurring annual charges
  • Access to ALL features with this plan

The Lifetime Plan

One of the coolest things we’ve seen during our stress-app review process was the lifetime plan from Calm. Feel like you’re going to use the Calm App forever or at least for several years? You can choose to pay a one-time fee of $399.99 and you’ll get lifetime access to anything and everything the company has to offer.

Is this expensive? Yes. However, if you’re planning on using the Calm App for years to come, it might save you some money. Your breakeven point comes after five years. And to be completely honest, with most apps, this would sound silly. However, with the value that Calm brings to the table, it might actually be something that people implement for the rest of their lives.

  • Current Lifetime Plan Cost: $399.99
  • Charged once for lifetime access (never charged again)
  • Breakeven point (where it’s cheaper than annual) is when you enter year 6
  • Access to ALL features with this plan—forever

Does the Calm App offer a Monthly Subscription?

As of October, it looks like Calm has clarified that the monthly subscription is again live through the app. However, it is a little tricky to get. Here are the instructions as outlined by the Calm team. Pricing is $14.99 per month.

  1. Download the app through the links on this page.
  2. Tap on something within the app that’s locked and activate your free trial.
  3. Once you’re activated, head back to the app.
  4. Cancel your free trial (this prevents you from being charged annually, as that’s the standard plan). Don’t worry; you’ll still get the full length of your free trial.
  5. When your free trial ends, the app will lock all the features again.
  6. This time when you click on a feature to unlock it, you’ll be taken to your account subscriptions page. From there, you’ll have the option to start a monthly subscription.

In simple terms, start a free trial, cancel the free trial, wait until the free trial ends, and then when you click an unlocked item, you’ll have the option to purchase a monthly subscription. Tricky? Yes. But hey, it’s still an option.

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Calm Costs Monthly vs. Annual vs. Lifetime

So, which Calm App cost plan is right for you? Let’s break it down.

  • At $14.99 a month, the Calm App would run you $179.88 a month. If you purchase annually, that drops over 60% to $69.99 per month.
  • If you are planning on using the app for over four months, the annual plan is cheaper than the monthly plan.
  • If you just want it for a month, go with the monthly. However, most people that like the Calm App end up using it for a really long time, so keep that in mind.
  • Between the annual and forever plan, that’s up to you. If you think you’re going to use the app for more than five years, annual is the way to go. But almost $400 is a lot to spend at one time. If that isn’t feasible and will create financial stress, stick with the annual plan.  

The 7 Day Free Trial with the Calm App

Every Calm subscription starts with a 7-day free trial. Want to start yours? Click the links on this page to head over and download the app and automatically receive your 7-day free trial. During the free trial, you’ll have full access to all of the features. And if you decide that Calm isn’t for you, you can always cancel your membership at any point in time and you won’t be charged anything.

Payment Options Accepted at Calm App

Your Calm App costs are covered through iTunes or through Google Play. Whatever payment method you have on file to handle app purchases and in-app purchases is what you’ll be billed through if you choose to stay on as a member past your Calm 7-day free trial.

Answering Your Questions About Calm App Pricing

How much is the Calm App monthly?

The Calm App is $14.99 if you choose to pay monthly. If you pay annually, the price works out to about $5.83 per month.

How much is the Calm App yearly?

The annual price of the Calm App is $69.99.

Is the Calm App expensive?

At the annual price, the Calm App is less than $6 per month, which, for something as important as stress-relief, could be well worth it.