HealthSapiens Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Let us throw some numbers at you. Over 16 million Americans reported suffering from a major depressive episode in the year 2016. A study in 2019 showed over 40 million US adults suffer from anxiety. 8 million Americans a year are diagnosed with PTSD, 2.2 million with OCD, and 60 million with insomnia. However, only a small portion of these individuals will actually seek out therapeutic, mental health care.

When polled, Americans say they believe in the benefit of mental health services, but simply can’t afford to receive these services. 

This upsetting realization is why the cost of different therapy services is such an important factor in deciding where to seek therapy and mental health care. One online therapy provider with an impressively small price tag is HealthSapiens. Today, we are going to look into the company’s cost, services, and overall worth. If you are interested in online therapy services that don’t break the bank, be sure to check out this and any of our other cost breakdowns.

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How Much Is HealthSapiens?


HealthSapiens Pricing Details Broken Down

  • There is a simple monthly fee, no charges per hour or per session
  • The monthly counseling fee is $197
  • The monthly cost includes unlimited contact to a master counselor throughout the month
  • Multiple scheduled sessions included in the monthly price
  • Patients cannot use insurance to cover their subscription cost

HealthSapiens Therapy Costs

HealthSapiens has one of the most inexpensive therapy service options of any provider. For a single monthly payment of $197, patients are given access to multiple therapy appointments with their main provider, 24/7 access to a Master’s level counselor, mobile accessibility, and more. 

Unlike similar sites, patients cannot access any portion of HealthSapiens’ services without paying the monthly cost. This does require a bit of faith on the patient’s part that they will find the services useful. However, the company does periodically offer free trials. During these trials your debit or credit card is pre-authorized for the full amount and charged if the trial isn’t canceled by a set time. HealthSapien’s terms of service state that they can choose to charge a $10 cancellation fee if you choose to cancel before a trial ends. 

HealthSapiens does not accept insurance for their services. If you typically have your entire therapy session covered by insurance, you will likely want to look into an online therapy provider that accepts insurance, like Dr. On Demand. However, HealthSapiens’ membership coverage brings their “per session” cost down to a fraction of the national average. This makes them a great option for those without insurance or those with high deductibles. 

Key Points of Interest

  • There are no hourly fees or charges for additional contact with a master’s counselor
  • Your monthly fee includes multiple scheduled visits with your main therapist
  • You can utilize text, voice, or video options for your therapy sessions
  • The service does not include access to psychiatric care or prescriptions
  • Cost is less than the average cost for a single therapy session

Young Adult Therapy Pricing

HealthSapiens can provide therapy services to young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, and much more. The cost for this service is the same as all other provided services thanks to their set pricing model. That means that young adults can get all the therapy they need for a monthly payment of $197.

Family or Couples Therapy Pricing

HealthSapiens does not currently offer group counseling of any kind on their website. However, they say that they would like to add these service options in the future. As it stands, only one patient can be attributed to an account on HealthSapiens, which prevents them from being able to offer family or couples therapy. 

Eating Disorder Therapy Pricing

Statistics show that over 28 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. Though there has been some research into the genetic link between people and eating disorders, it is generally accepted that the major cause of eating disorders is mental health issues like depression, OCD, anxiety, etc. Under HealthSapiens’ $197 monthly plan, patients can get access to therapists that specialize in eating disorder therapy along with other issues that can cause or exacerbate these disorders. 

HealthSapiens Psychiatry Costs

HealthSapiens does not currently offer psychiatry services or prescription services. 

Payment Options Accepted at HealthSapiens

HealthSapiens accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You can use either a debit or credit card. Payments are processed through Stripe, which adds an extra layer of protection to the payment process.

HealthSapiens Insurance Coverage Details

HealthSapiens does not accept insurance for its services. However, their cost is low and does not change due to hidden fees and expenses. This can actually make their services cheaper than standard mental health care covered by insurance. 

HealthSapiens Costs FAQ

How much is HealthSapiens monthly?

HealthSapiens charges a monthly fee of $197. This includes the cost of multiple scheduled therapy sessions per month, unlimited access to a Master’s level counselor for pre-clinical therapy anytime you need it, and multiple appointment options like text therapy, video therapy, and voice therapy. 

How much is HealthSapiens weekly?

HealthSapiens charges a single monthly fee, which can help save you money on your mental health services. The monthly cost breaks down $49.25 per week, but must be paid in a single lump sum of $197. 

Can insurance cover HealthSapiens therapy?

No. You will be unable to utilize insurance when paying for your HealthSapiens plan. However, the low cost of therapy at HealthSapiens can actually cost less than payments after insurance coverage at a traditional therapist. 

Is HealthSapiens expensive?

HealthSapiens is one of most inexpensive therapy options on the market. While the national average for a single therapy session in the US is nearly $120, a single monthly payment of $197 at HealthSapiens gets you access to multiple scheduled therapy appointments and 24/7 access to a Master’s level counselor for pre-clinical sessions. If you are interested in other online therapy providers that use a monthly payment system, check out more of our online therapy reviews.