Lemonaid Health Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Online therapy services are a great option for those needing mental health care or counseling without the hassle of setting up an in-person appointment. It is also a great way to handle these issues when you are uninsured, as most services offer highly competitive rates for these services. The problem is, even if you are getting a great price for your counseling and therapy, you may still be paying way more than you should for medication. 

Uninsured patients may find themselves trying to come up with hundreds of dollars each month to cover their medication. Some patients take a cocktail of prescriptions to help with the varying ways anxiety and depression can manifest, which means their monthly price for medication can double or triple. That’s where Lemonaid Health comes in. 

Lemonaid Health is a medical consultation and prescription service that allows patients who need anxiety and depression medication to greatly reduce their out-of-pocket cost. Their monthly fee covers consultations with their licensed doctors or nurse practitioners to ensure the proper medications are being administered. Then, the patient receives their medication in the mail, quickly, and for no additional fee. 

If you want to know more about Lemonaid’s pricing, just keep reading.

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How Much Is Lemonaid?

Type of ServiceDurationPrice
ConsultationPer 25 min. session$25
Acne Treatment3 months of medication$90
Anxiety CareMonthly (Includes medication)$95
Asthma CarePer 25 min. session$75
Blood Type TestOne test$36.11
Cholesterol TestingMonthly SuppliesStarting at $15 per month
Covid Lab TestOne lab visit$89
Depression CareMonthly (Includes medication)$95
High Blood Pressure TreatmentPer 25 min. session$75
Insomnia TreatmentMonthly$60
Migraine TreatmentMonthly medicationStarting at $20 per month
Primary Care VisitPer month$99
Sinus Infection TreatmentPer visit$45
Smoking Therapy3 months of medicationStarting at $15 per month
STD TestingOne test$55

Lemonaid Health Pricing Details Broken Down

  • The price of a general, 25-minute consultation begins at $25.
  • The monthly cost for depression and anxiety care is $95.
  • The monthly fee for depression and anxiety care covers the cost of prescriptions.
  • Lemonaid does not accept insurance for consultation fees or prescription medicines

Lemonaid Health Therapy Costs

It is important to note that Lemonaid does not offer traditional therapy or counseling services. Instead, they have a team of nurse practitioners who can participate in a consultation and legally prescribe you medication to treat your anxiety and depression. 

A standard, one-time consultation with Lemonaid can cost as low as $25. However, there is an even better option for those needing care and medication for mental health issues. One monthly fee of $95 covers the patient’s consultations and the cost of any medication prescribed and shipped to them. This cost can save many uninsured patients hundreds of dollars on medication alone. 

You may be thinking, “but I really need to see a therapist. Should I use a different service?” That’s a valid concern. However, we believe that Lemonaid can be a supplemental service that you will want to keep in your back pocket to save money on your medications. 

Many online therapy services are unable to prescribe medication – those that do often charge market rates which can be hundreds of dollars for a month’s prescription. Utilizing Lemonaid as a supplement to alternative therapy or counseling can keep your medication costs to a minimum. 

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Key Points of Interest

  • Lemonaid Health does not offer full therapy or counseling services
  • Lemonaid Health is an easy way to be given access to anxiety and depression medication
  • Medications are delivered right to your door
  • You will be unable to cover these services with insurance
  • Lemonaid Health does not offer full psychiatric services

Insomnia Treatment  Pricing

Lemonaid Health offers treatment options for those suffering from insomnia. Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in overall health and lower the quality of life of those affected. It can even lead to new or worsened depression and anxiety. Luckily, Lemonaid Health can provide you with a quick consultation to assess which medications can help you and get them sent to you as soon as possible. This consultation costs $25. 

Stop Smoking Service Pricing

One interesting perk to  Lemonaid Health is that they can help you stop smoking. This takes a single consultation at the price of $25. You will speak with a doctor or nurse practitioner to discover which of their available medications can help you on your journey. They can then order your prescription and have it delivered to your door. Otherwise, you can choose to pick up your medication from a local pharmacy. 

Anxiety/ Depression Treatment Pricing

If you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of your monthly anxiety or depression medication, Lemonaid Health may be just what you need. For the monthly fee of $95, you can receive consultations with a doctor or nurse practitioner and receive your medication for no additional fee. The cost even includes shipping of the medication directly to your door. While you may need to find an alternative service for therapy, those who are uninsured can save hundreds of dollars by utilizing Lemonaid’s service. 

Lemonaid Health Psychiatry Costs

Lemonaid Health is a provider of prescriptions through consultations with licensed doctors or nurse practitioners – they do not have psychiatrists on staff. Therefore, you cannot receive psychiatric care through Lemonaid Health. However, if you are looking for a consultation to discover if you need psychiatric evaluation or care, Lemonaid Health may be able to provide those answers to you for a single, $25 consultation. 

Payment Options Accepted at Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment. When you schedule a consultation or order medication, the card on file will be charged. This is the same for recurring payments for mental health services. If you opt to pick your prescription up from a local pharmacy, you will be able to use cash, check, or any other method they allow. 

Lemonaid Health Insurance Coverage Details

Lemonaid does not accept insurance to cover its services. 

Lemonaid Health Costs FAQ

How much is Lemonaid Health monthly?

The monthly fee for the treatment of depression and anxiety is $95, which includes consultation fees and medication.

How much is Lemonaid Health per consultation?

Lemonaid’s consultation prices vary depending on the services you seek. If you want a single medical consultation, you will be spending $25. If you are utilizing the depression and anxiety services, you will pay a monthly fee of $95 which includes the price of your consultations. 

Can insurance cover Lemonaid Health?

No. Lemonaid services, nor the prescriptions they provide, can be covered by insurance. 

Is Lemonaid Health expensive?

Lemonaid is extremely reasonably priced. If you are interested in low-cost consultations, a minimum monthly payment for these services, and a cost that includes medication and the shipping of medication, Lemonaid Health is a great option. However, if you are seeking counseling services, you will want to look into alternative providers.