LiveHealth Online Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Therapy services, whether online or in person, can sometimes get a little bit expensive. In fact, many of those who seek therapy or psychiatric care don’t follow through because of the overwhelming cost. The national average for a psychiatric visit in the US is $400 for uninsured patients. $400 that most of us don’t just have lying around.

Luckily, LiveHealth has found a way to deeply undercut these costs. Their services are offered at a nearly 56% discount! These prices don’t come at a cost of quality, either. You can still see licensed professionals who are capable of providing you the care and guidance you need.

If you are insured, LiveHealth Online is still a great choice because there is a high chance that they accept your insurance, which means you can attend your therapy or psychiatric sessions without having to leave your home, which is especially important in 2020 when we are all trying to leave our houses as little as possible. Homepage Screenshot - Visit with a Doctor 24/7

How Much Is LiveHealth Online?

Type of ServiceSessionsPrice
TherapyPer visit$80
PsychologyPer visit$95
Psychiatry (Initial)One time$175
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)As needed$75

LiveHealth Online Pricing Details Broken Down

  • There are no sign up fees or recurring membership costs to use LiveHealth. You only pay for the appointments you schedule and attend, plus any prescriptions. 
  • Therapy sessions can cost as low as $80 for uninsured patients.
  • Psychiatry sessions (for those needing prescription medications or deeper psychiatric help) are only $175 for the initial visit. 
  • Follow up Psychiatric visits are $75.
  • LiveHealth does accept most insurances. If your plan covers teletherapy, you may only need to pay the cost of your deductible. 

LiveHealth Online Therapy Costs

LiveHealth doesn’t charge their users any membership fees. So, you can calculate your costs based on the actual appointments you need. The prices vary based on the services you are seeking and the level of licensure of your provider. 

Counseling at its base level costs $80/ visit (compared to the national average of $161). If you want to see the psychologist, these visits cost $95/ session. Higher level psychiatric care is a little more expensive due to the level of education and licensing required of the providers. A preliminary visit costs $175, but follow up visits are only $75. 

It is important to note that while psychiatrists can prescribe medication, tele-psychiatrists are not legally permitted to prescribe controlled substances. However, they can help you with the resources you need to obtain these prescriptions. 

Another important aspect of LiveHealth’s cost breakdown is that they often can be covered by insurance. If your plan allows you to use teletherapy, you may only need to pay your copay or deductible to receive these services. 

Key Points of Interest

  • You can easily adjust your consultation schedule to your budget since there are no recurring membership fees. 
  • If your insurance allows the use of telemedicine (and many do these days), you may only need to pay the cost of your deductible or copay. 
  • You will always be able to see exactly what you owe before you begin a visit, so you can cancel an appointment if the cost is more than you are willing or able to pay. 

Family Therapy Pricing

LiveHealth is a great choice for family therapy needs. Prices begin at $80/ session depending on the level of service necessary for your counseling. If you require a licensed psychologist for your family therapy, prices begin at $95/session. However, these prices may be lower if you are using insurance to cover costs. 

Teen Therapy Pricing

LiveHealth offers online psychological services for children age 10-17 so long as they are added to their gaurdian’s online account. The level of involvement the guardian must have in the appointment will be determined by the individual therapist and will likely be determined by the child’s age as well. 18 and 19 year olds will need to make their own account for access to services. All therapy costs are the same for teens vs adults. So a session for an uninsured child can cost as low as $80. 

Grief Therapy Pricing

If you are suffering from the tight grip of grief after the loss of a loved one, job, opportunity, pet, or anything at all, LiveHealth has great therapy options available to you. The cost is standardized, so it begins at $80/ session. You should also check to see if your insurance can help with these costs so you can pay only your copay or deductible. 

LiveHealth Online Psychiatry Costs

LiveHealth provides some of the most inexpensive psychiatric care available. The national average for an initial psychiatric visit in the US is $400, but LiveHealth only costs $175 for uninsured patients. Follow up visits are $75.

This means that those who need deeper behavioral health services, the option for prescriptions, or evaluations for certain disorders can receive the care they need at a reasonable cost. Insurance may also be able to help lower these fees to the amount of your deductible or copay. 

Payment Options Accepted at LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment. You can pay online, on the app, or over the phone. You may also have a portion or all of your appointment covered by insurance. 

LiveHealth Online Insurance Coverage Details

LiveHealth does accept most major insurance providers, so be sure to check your coverage and see what services are covered under your plan. You may be able to receive your therapy for psychiatric care at a deep discount. 

LiveHealth Online Costs FAQ

How much is LiveHealth Online monthly?

LiveHealth does not charge a monthly membership fee. You only pay for the appointments you set and attend. 

How much is LiveHealth Online weekly?

LiveHealth weekly costs depend on whether you are using insurance and how many sessions you attend. For instance, if you are uninsured and attend 1 preliminary psychiatric visit and one follow up in a week, your cost will be $250 ($175 for the preliminary visit, $75 for the follow up). If you attend 1 basic therapy session a week, your weekly cost will be $80. 

Can insurance cover LiveHealth Online therapy?

Yes, LiveHealth services can be paid for by most major insurances dependent on your plan and the coverage it provides. 

Is LiveHealth Online expensive?

LiveHealth has some of the lowest costs of any non-membership online therapy provider. Their costs for services come in at a fraction of the national average and may even be lower depending on whether you are able to utilize your insurance coverage.