MDLive Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Online therapy services are fantastic additions to the modern therapy industry. A large percentage of individuals who need mental health care avoid seeking these services due to a range of factors from cost to inaccessibility. Online therapy helps overcome those barriers by providing low-cost services from anywhere the internet is available.

One of the original providers of these services, MDLive, is a great example of how teletherapy can be easy, convenient, and super affordable. Today, we will take a look at their service costs and payment options to help you make a decision on the best online therapy provider for you. To see more information about MDLive’s services, check out our in-depth review article. Homepage Screenshot - Fast, Hassle-Free Health Care

How Much Is MDLive?

Type of ServicePrice
Therapy (Initial Visit)$108 total
Therapy (Follow Up)$108 per session
Psychiatry (Initial Visit)$284 total
Psychiatry (Follow Up)$108 per session

MDLive Pricing Details Broken Down

  • You only pay for the appointment you schedule. There are no recurring fees for using the site or app.
  • Therapy sessions range in price from $0-$108.
  • Psychiatry sessions (for those needing prescription medications or deeper psychiatric help) range in price from $0-$284.
  • Costs vary based on insurance coverage and the cost of your deductible or copay.
  • MDLive does allow the use of FSAs and HSAs

MDLive Therapy Costs

MDLive doesn’t charge their patients any membership fees to access their website or app. Instead, costs are on an appointment-to-appointment basis and vary with insurance coverage. You can calculate your therapy costs by determining the frequency with which you’d like to attend appointments and whether you are seeking basic counseling or psychiatric care.

Counseling for uninsured patients costs $108 per visit (compared to the national average of $161). Visits with a psychiatrist (who can prescribe medication) cost the uninsured patient $284/visit. It is unclear if these prices are lower for returning psychiatric patients.

It is prudent to note that, while psychiatrists can prescribe medication, tele-psychiatrists cannot legally prescribe controlled substances. However, they may be able to recommend you to alternate services where this is available.

One important aspect of MDLive’s cost breakdown is that they often can be covered by insurance and paid for out of FSAs and HSAs. If your insurance plan allows you to use telemedicine, you may only need to pay your copay or deductible at MDLive.

Key Points of Interest

  • There are no membership fees, which means you can see your counselor or therapist on a schedule you can afford.
  • Insured patients may only be responsible for the cost of their copay or deductible, which means some individuals may receive care at no cost.
  • If an appointment is going to cost more than you can afford, you can cancel the appointment before spending your money. If the company held the funds on your card, they should be released quickly.

Family Therapy Pricing

MDLive can be a great place to access family therapy. You can list your dependants on your account and even include those under 18, so long as you are present during the therapy appointment. For uninsured patients, the base cost of a counseling session is $108. If you have insurance, you may only need to pay your copay or deductible.

Teen Therapy Pricing

MDLive offers therapy services to teens for the same low price of $0-$108/session. 18 and 19-year-olds must make their own account and utilize services of their own free will. Minors can be added to a parent’s account, but a guardian must be present during the use of the website’s services.

PTSD Therapy Pricing

If you are struggling to cope with PTSD and the anxiety and depression that comes with it, you may want to look into the counseling services at MDLive. Uninsured patients can speak to a counselor for $108/session, but insured patients may pay nothing at all. If you are struggling to afford insurance, you may seek state or federal government-provided coverage.

MDLive Psychiatry Costs

MDLive deeply undercuts the national average for psychiatry pricing. The national average for an initial psychiatric visit in the US is $400, but MDLive only costs $284 for uninsured patients. Insured patients may pay even less.

If you are seeking low-cost psychiatric services with the option to utilize your insurance Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account, MDLive is a great choice for you. Additionally, you can easily vary between psychiatric care (for prescriptions) and counseling (for therapy and maintenance care) to save even more.

Payment Options Accepted at MDLive

MDLive accepts all major credit cards and debit cards as a form of payment. You can pay online, on the app, or via the customer service phone line. You can also utilize your FSA or HSA to cover costs. Additionally, insured patients may cover the cost of visits through their insurance coverage.

MDLive Insurance Coverage Details

MDLive accepts most major insurance brands including, but not limited to, Cigna, Humana, Regence, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AvMed, and Independence. Those who use Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts may also use those options to cover their therapy costs. To see if your insurance covers MDLive or other telemedicine services, you can contact the insurance provider directly or contact MDLive customer support for further help.

MDLive Costs FAQ

How much is MDLive monthly?

MDLive does not charge a monthly membership fee. You only pay for the appointments you set and attend, and for the cost of prescriptions.

How much is MDLive weekly?

MDLive weekly costs will depend on whether you are insured and how many appointments you attend per week. For instance, an uninsured patient who sees a counselor once a week will spend $108/week. Alternatively, an uninsured patient who sees a counselor three times a week will spend $324/week ($108 x 3).

Can insurance cover MDLive therapy?

Yes, MDLive services can be paid for by most major insurances. This is dependent on your individual plan and whether your insurance covers telemedicine services.

Is MDLive expensive?

Though there may be service providers out there with lower costs than MDLive, they are comparatively inexpensive when you consider the national average for uninsured therapy and psychiatric services. They come in well under the price of traditional, in-person therapy.