My Online Therapy Cost and Pricing Breakdown

How much do you think the average person spends on therapy in 2020? Recently collected data shows that patients in the US are spending between $20 and $250 an hour for therapy services. Considering the average patient sees their therapist for a minimum of 6 hours a year, these costs can add up fairly quickly. 

We don’t want you to find yourself in a situation where you think you are one of those $20/hr people only to wind up with a bill closer to $250! That’s why we have put together cost breakdowns of some of the most popular online therapy providers. Today, we are taking a look at one of the newest digital therapy providers – My Online Therapy. Homepage Screenshot - Modern Therapy for Modern Lives

How Much Is My Online Therapy?

Type of SessionSession LengthPrice (Euros)Price (U.S.)*
Video30 minutes€59About $71
Video50 minutes€109About $131
Live Chat30 minutes€59About $71
Daily Coaching1 week€75About $90

*U.S. price is subject to the current exchange rate

My Online Therapy Pricing Details Broken Down

  • No insurance, no problem. Since you only pay for the sessions you schedule, you can make My Online Therapy fit into your budget regardless of insurance. 
  • 30-minute video and chat therapy sessions are £59
  • 50-minute video therapy sessions are £109
  • Patients can choose a weekly guidance plan instead of traditional therapy for £75/ week
  • Patients must cancel appointments with a minimum of a 48 hour notice or they will be charged the full session price

My Online Therapy Therapy Costs

My Online Therapy is based in the UK, which means their pricing is listed in British pound sterling, but after converting those costs, we have discovered that their services are still lower than the national average for therapy services in the US. In fact, their 30-min video and live chat sessions are only $70.98 apiece. 50-minute video therapy sessions are equally impressive, coming in at only $131.14 a session.

Users can also use My Online Therapy’s unique weekly guidance service. This allows the patient to message their provider everyday. Each day, for five days, the provider will respond with a piece of advice or guidance to help the patient. This service is charged weekly and costs $90.23. 

Some patients may be able to see a reduction in the cost of some of their services. Specifically, the video therapy sessions can be covered by insurance. Check your insurance plan for telemedicine coverage, or give My Online Therapy’s customer service a call at any time for additional help. 

Key Points of Interest

  • Offers video therapy, live chat therapy, and weekly guidance chats. 
  • Insured patients may be able to see a reduction in the cost of their video therapy sessions. 
  • Appointments that are uncancelled, or canceled with less than a 48-hour notice will still cost the patient the full price of the session. 

Family Therapy Pricing

My Online Therapy can provide some great therapy options for couples and groups, but only for those over 18. This can make family therapy a difficult option, since it tends to include younger children as well. However, if you are going to use these services, the prices per session remain $70.98 for 30 minutes or $131.14 for 50 minutes. 

Teen Therapy Pricing

My Online Therapy only offers services to those 18 and older. In fact, those under 18 will not even be able to finish signup up for the website. However, 18 and 19-year-olds can benefit from My Online Therapy’s services at the same great rates as other users. 

Live Chat Therapy Pricing

Those struggling with extreme anxiety tend to find live-chat therapy a much more relaxing environment than traditional face-to-face options. Through My Online Therapy, patients can get access to live chat sessions in 30-minute increments for £59 or $70.98/ session. 

My Online Therapy Psychiatry Costs

My Online Therapy does not offer any psychiatry services at this time. However, they do have some on-staff psychiatrists who can take over your therapy services. Though they cannot perform all the same services in therapy as you would get in a psychiatric-specific care environment, their input can be extremely useful. 

To be matched with a psychiatrist, you can indicate your request in the preliminary questionnaire, or contact My Online Therapy directly. If you’d like to take a look at other online therapy services that may provide psychiatry, check out some more of our online therapy reviews. 

Payment Options Accepted at My Online Therapy

My Online Therapy accepts payments from most major credit cards. Their video session therapy can be covered by insurance, so if you have an insurance plan that covers telemedicine, be sure to provide that information and utilize your coverage. Payment information must be provided before finalizing the booking of an appointment because your card will still be charged if you do not cancel with appropriate 48-hour notice. 

My Online Therapy Insurance Coverage Details

My Online Therapy accepts most major private insurance companies including, but not limited to, Bupa, AXA, Cigna, Aviva, Vitality, Healix, WPA, Allianz and Simple Health. 

My Online Therapy Costs FAQ

How much is My Online Therapy monthly?

My Online Therapy does not charge a monthly membership fee. You only pay for the appointments you attend, or those that are not canceled with proper notice.

How much is My Online Therapy weekly?

Your weekly costs at My Online Therapy will vary based on your services. If you choose the weekly guidance sessions, you will pay £75/week ($90.23). For standalone sessions, you can calculate your weekly cost by counting how many sessions you want to attend per week and multiplying by the session cost. 

Example: If you attend 2 30-minute sessions (£59) a week, you will spend £118 ($141.97) per week.

Can insurance cover My Online Therapy therapy?

Insurance may be able to cover some online therapy costs at My Online Therapy. If you choose to attend video sessions, insurance can be used. 

Is My Online Therapy expensive?

My Online Therapy’s prices are fair and come in under national averages. However, their pricing is listed in Euros (even if you sign up with a US address and number) so you will need to remember to adjust for the exchange rate.