Cost and Pricing Breakdown

When it comes to online therapy, not all platforms are created equally. We want to help you find the best service for you based on your needs, budget, and overall expectations. Today, we will be looking at a cost breakdown of one of the most inexpensive online therapy options available – Online-Therapy. 

This website has a fantastic approach to therapy for all by utilizing self-help information to create lower-priced options for patients with a lower budget. And when we say lower-priced, we are talking free! If you want to read more about these prices and the services offered at Online-Therapy, just keep reading. Homepage Screenshot

How Much Is Online-Therapy?

PlanWeekly Cost
Free Plan$0
Basic Plan$50 per week
Standard Plan$80 per week
Premium Plan$110 per week also has a 20% discount for the first week for new customers! Pricing Details Broken Down

  • The self-help services are $0 to use. 
  • Other service plans range from $32-$64/ week (though there are occasionally discounts for new users)
  • Their affiliate program can help save you money with each referral you make to
  • There is no option to utilize insurance for these services
  • Online-Therapy does allow patients to cancel their plans at any time and you can even receive a refund within the first 14 days of service. Therapy Costs is a membership-based service that allows patients to adjust their membership level to accommodate both needs and budget. The lowest price tier is free and includes online therapy on a secure and confidential platform, 8 easy-to-follow self-help sections – including 25 worksheets, yoga and meditation videos, journal, activity plan, and tests.

For those seeking a more traditional method of therapy with access to therapist feedbacks, you can start your pricing as low as $40/week. This includes all the benefits of the free plan, plus therapist feedback on a weekly basis. For $64/week you get all this plus one weekly live session with a therapist and texting communication. $88/week will get you an additional weekly video session and express replies from your therapist. 

One downside to Online-Therapy is the inability to access a psychiatrist or receive prescription medications. However, the service is so cost-effective that it makes a great supplemental resource to those getting psychiatric care elsewhere. 

Key Points of Interest

  • Memberships are charged weekly, but there is a free membership option available. 
  • Online-Therapy does not accept insurance for any of its services. 
  • There is an affiliate program for $100/ patient sign-up. Your referred patient also receives a 20% discount! 
  • There are multiple pricing tiers with varying amenities to help you find the perfect balance between services and cost.
  • There are no psychiatry or prescription services on Online-Therapy

Couples Therapy Pricing

Unfortunately, Online-Therapy does not offer group counseling services at this time. However, they claim they are actively working on finding a way to include these services. 

Teen Therapy Pricing

Teens who are 18 and 19-years-old may utilize Online-Therapy’s services for the same price as other patients. This can range from $0/month to $110/month depending on the desired services chosen at the time of sign-up. Unfortunately, teens under the age of 18 are not permitted to use Online-Therapy’s website or services. 

Anxiety Therapy Pricing

Anxiety is one of the main causes for individuals to seek online counseling. Anxiety can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and many other factors of life. Luckily, can provide a way to cope with and treat anxiety in all of their pricing tiers. This means you may pay anywhere from $0-$110/week for these services. Psychiatry Costs does not offer any psychiatric services at this time. The platform is focused exclusively on counseling and general therapy services. However, the cost for these therapy services are so low that they can make a fantastic supplement to alternative psychiatric care. 

If you would like to see other online therapy providers who do offer psychiatric care, simply look through our in-depth reviews of the other online therapy providers on the market. You may be able to find a provider who can offer you affordable psychiatric care, then you can return to Online-Therapy for low-cost, maybe even free, counseling services. 

Payment Options Accepted at

Online-Therapy accepts all major credit cards and debit cards as a form of payment. Additionally, you can pay through PayPal, which is an option that you don’t find with many other online therapy providers. Your payment is due at the time you select your service, but you can cancel at any time and even receive a refund within 14 days of paying for your service. For free access to a select amount of these services, you can choose the free membership option. Insurance Coverage Details

Online-Therapy does not accept insurance for its services. They do not make any remarks on the plan to include insurance coverage in the future. However, their prices are so much lower than the national average for online therapy, that you may end up spending less than an insurance deductible. Costs FAQ

How much is Online-Therapy monthly?

Online-Therapy charges a weekly membership fee, so your choice of service tier determines your monthly rate. Here is a simple breakdown for each tier:

  • $0 plan – $0/ month
  • $50 plan – $190/ month*
  • $80 plan – $304/ month*
  • $110 plan – $418/ month*

*includes the 20% off for the first week

How much is weekly?

Online-Therapy’s weekly costs are based on the service tier you choose. The start tier is free ($0). The secondary tier is $50 per week. The third tier is $80 per week. And the fourth and most inclusive tier is $110 per week. 

Can insurance cover Online-Therapy therapy?

No. Online-Therapy does not accept insurance for their services, nor do they allude to including this option in the future. However, those who are struggling to pay for Online-Therapy may utilize their affiliate program which pays for referrals to Online-Therapy. 

Is expensive?

No. Online-Therapy provides some of the most inexpensive counseling options on the current market. You can receive monthly access to the highest tiered services for less than the average cost of a single counselor session in the United States.