ReGain Cost and Pricing Breakdown

When people feel the stresses of their daily life, they often turn to therapists. Finding online counseling as an individual doesn’t take too much time as there are dozens of great platforms offering such service. Sites for specific cultures, ages, and afflictions, there seems to be something for everyone – except couples.

Couples counseling is an incredibly important subsection of therapy, but there are few providers offering the service digitally. ReGain is one of those few. Homepage Screenshot - Professional Marriage and Relationship Counseling

This platform helps couples overcome problems and ReGain trust and intimacy. It is one of the most convenient ways to attend couples therapy as it is all online and partners can log in from anywhere they want. But this kind of convenience doesn’t come cheap.

Today, we are looking at ReGain’s services and how much they cost. If you have ever wondered whether couples therapy is in your budget, this ReGain cost breakdown is perfect for you.

How Much is ReGain Couples Therapy?

PlanMonthly CostWeekly Cost*

*All ReGain memberships are charged monthly. Weekly cost is displayed only to benefit our users understanding.

ReGain Pricing Details Broken Down

  • ReGain prices are automatically adjusted based on user needs and location.
  • The average cost of ReGain service is $75 per week, paid in a monthly payment of $300.
  • The monthly cost includes access to 4 monthly sessions and unlimited chat room access.
  • The Cost of ReGain includes both partners’ access to the service.

ReGain Therapy Costs

ReGain is one of the only websites offering fully licensed couples therapy. This type of counseling is traditionally very expensive. In the United States, the average cost of a couple’s counseling session is $100 to $200 per hour.

ReGain is far less expensive with costs averaging about $75 per live session, plus users get unlimited access to the counselor chatroom.

ReGain will help facilitate the service by inviting the user’s partner to the site and making it easy for users to log in for therapy sessions from anywhere they need to.

The average couple in therapy needs around 16 sessions to overcome their issues or reach their goals. With ReGain, 16 sessions will only cost $1200 over a 4-month period. With traditional therapists, you may spend closer to $3200 dollars in that time and it could take over a year to complete the counseling timeline.

The counselors on ReGain are clinically trained and licensed to help couples overcome issues like infidelity, financial strain, child loss, lack of intimacy, and more. This means that ReGain members are getting top-level, professional counseling services for a fraction of the average price.

Payment Options Accepted at ReGain

ReGain accepts payments via debit/credit card, PayPal, and Google Pay. The credit cards accepted on the site are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you want to use a JCB card, some users may be able to do so by linking it to their Google Pay wallet.

ReGain Therapy Payment Options and Purchase Screenshot

ReGain Insurance Coverage Details

ReGain does not accept insurance. We aren’t surprised since it is incredibly uncommon for insurance plans to cover couples therapy. Luckily, ReGain’s costs are so low that they are less per session than some users would spend on their insurance copay.

ReGain Promotional Savings

ReGain offers a lot of promotional savings through its advertising partners. When you sign up on ReGain, you will be asked how you heard about the site. It may be tempting to just click Google search and move past it, but we highly recommend you choose Radio or Youtube.

You will be shown a list of affiliated radio shows and Youtubers. Select and name from this list and you will automatically receive 10% off your first month’s fee.

ReGain Financial Aid Application

ReGain offers financial assistance up to 40% for those struggling to pay for their couples counseling. To apply, look for the “apply for financial aid” or “I can’t afford therapy” options on the membership purchasing page.

Both options will lead you to an application for financial assistance. This application has only a few questions about your income and household size. Once it is completed, you will be given an instant response to your application.

If you are approved for assistance, the reduced cost will be instantly reflected on the membership purchasing page.

Regain financial aid approval screenshot

ReGain Pricing FAQ

Is ReGain as Effective as Traditional Couples Counseling?

ReGain is not only as effective as traditional couples counseling, but it is potentially more effective. The frequency of visits, 24/7 text access, and the ability to log in from anywhere has created a perfect environment for couples to thrive.

Does My Partner Have to Pay for a Membership as Well?

No. Both couples will be linked to one account on ReGain. The fee covers both partners’ sessions and chat access. If you want to split the cost of services with your partner, this will need to be discussed and arranged outside of the ReGain website. 

Is ReGain Cheaper Than Traditional Therapy?

Yes. ReGain costs vary based on user location, but the max weekly fee is $90. That means users would pay $360 a month and receive 4 therapy sessions. Traditional therapy can cost up to $800 for the same number of sessions. 

Is ReGain Only Chat Based?

ReGain offers users multiple ways to interact with their counselor. First, users can text into the counselor chat 24/7 (though the counselor is not required to respond frequently to this chat). When it comes to full sessions, users can video chat with their counselor or talk over the phone. 

Can I Try ReGain For Free?

ReGain doesn’t offer free therapy services, even on a trial basis. However, they do let users sign up for free and look through the site before purchasing a membership plan. This makes signing up for ReGain completely risk-free. You don’t even have to invite your partner until you’re ready. 

If you want to try ReGain for you and your partner, click on our easy signup link below.

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