Talkspace Cost and Pricing Breakdown

While you can never put a price on being healthy, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the online therapy you need at a price you can afford. Talkspace, an industry leader in online therapy for almost a decade, offers therapy and psychiatry services via video chat and text messaging. You can get the help you need from a mental health professional without ever needing to go into an actual doctor’s office. In this guide, our team takes a look at what Talkspace costs, how pricing is broken down, and how the service works with or without insurance.

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How Much Is Talkspace?

Therapy PlansMonthly PricingQuarterly PricingBiannual PricingFeatures
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus$260$708$1,248Unlimited text, video, and audio 5 days a week
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium$316$852$1,512All Plus Plan options + 1 monthly live session
Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate$396$1,068$1,896All Plus Plan options + 4 monthly live sessions
Couples Therapy$396$1,068NAAll Plus Plan options + 4 monthly live sessions
Teen Therapy$260NANAUnlimited text, video, and audio 5 days a week
Insomnia Therapy$260$520 (for 8 weeks)NA8 weeks of therapy
Psychiatry PlansInitial EvaluationFollow-Up SessionTotal CostBundle Savings
Initial Evaluation + 1 follow-up session$199$113$31210%
Initial Evaluation + 3 follow-up session$199$106$51815%
Initial Evaluation + 6 follow-up session$199$100$79920%

Talkspace Pricing Details Broken Down

  • The weekly cost of therapy at Talkspace is between around $60 – $90.
  • All plans must be purchased in a minimum increment of a month.
  • A la carte live sessions can be added to any plan for $65.
  • All live sessions are 30 minutes in length.

Talkspace Therapy Costs

The cost of therapy services at Talkspace is broken down into six main plans. The flagship offering from Talkspace is the Unlimited Messaging Therapy service, which comes in three options—Plus, Premium, and Ultimate.

All three of these plans come with the ability to send unlimited text messages to your therapist in real-time, five days a week. The Plus plan is the basic offering here and costs right around $60 a week (though you do have to sign up for at least a month).

If you want to include unlimited messaging with more traditional live sessions, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium or Ultimate plans. Paying for Premium gets you one live session per month, and paying for the Ultimate plan gets you four live sessions per month.

Key Points of Interest

  • Your live session with the Premium plan works out to $56. With the Ultimate plan, the price per session comes way down to $34 a session.
  • Expect a healthy discount if you commit to a longer-term of service. For example, choosing the quarterly Plus plan over the monthly Plus plan saves you a little over 9%. Bumping up to the biannual plan increases those savings to 20%.

Couples Therapy Pricing

The Talkspace cost for couples therapy is very straightforward, with only one plan option and two payment plans—monthly and quarterly pricing. You’ll notice that what you get with the couples therapy is identical to what you get with the Ultimate plan for individuals. And, as we hoped it would be the case, the pricing is identical as well.

Teen Therapy Pricing

The cost of teen therapy at Talkspace is on par with the Plus plan for individuals in offerings and price. The only difference is that you can only pay for the teen plan monthly instead of quarterly or biannually.

Insomnia Therapy Pricing

The 8-week insomnia therapy program at Talkspace costs $520. Weekly, this breaks down to $65 per week. Your two payment options are:

  • One payment of $520
  • Two monthly payments of $260

Talkspace Psychiatry Costs

All three psychiatry plans at Talkspace cost the same for the initial evaluation. Where the prices start to differ is with how many follow-up sessions you schedule. By choosing more follow-ups at initial sign-up, you can save upwards of 20%. Keep in mind that you will need to agree to and pay for these follow-ups at the time of your new patient intake if you want to cash in on the discount.

Payment Options Accepted at Talkspace

Currently, the company accepts all major credit and debit cards for payment. Talkspace does not accept PayPal, personal or business checks, or bank transfers as of now.

Talkspace Insurance Coverage Details

One of the most important things to look at when researching the cost of online therapy is whether your insurance will cover your services. If you don’t have insurance, it’s okay. You can still pay for the services at the above-listed pricing.

If you do have insurance, though, you may be able to get your services covered. In fact, in response to COVID-19, many major providers have expanded coverage to telehealth services for their customers. According to Talkspace, over 40 million Americans now qualify for coverage. You can call your insurance company for information, or you can speak to a representative at Talkspace for help during your sign up.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

If your Talkspace costs aren’t covered under your insurance, they may be covered by your employer. Many businesses are now offering services to their employees through this program. Additionally, many professional organizations you may belong to may be doing the same. Through the link below, you can type in the name of your employer and see if you qualify.

To check if you’re covered by insurance or an EAP program or not, click the link below and input your information.

Talkspace Costs FAQ

How much is Talkspace monthly?

The monthly price of a Talkspace membership ranges from $260 – $396.

How much is Talkspace weekly?

The weekly cost of Talkspace ranges from around $60 – $90. Bear in mind that you will need to commit to at least one month of service.

Can insurance cover Talkspace therapy?

Yes, many major insurance providers cover the cost of Talkspace therapy. According to the company, over 40 million Americans now qualify for insurance coverage of services.

Is Talkspace expensive?

While medical treatment is certainly never cheap, the cost of Talkspace is on par with many of the other online therapy options on the market. Compared to in-person therapy sessions, you may be able to save by using Talkspace.