Teen Counseling Cost and Pricing Breakdown

According to the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, teenagers experience a mental illness that affects their lives at a higher rate than adults. At least 20% of teenagers are dealing with a mental health problem that causes them daily issues, but they are also some of the least receptive counseling patients.

It takes a specially trained therapist to understand how to crack the code and help teenagers to feel invested in their mental health care.

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TeenCounseling.com has created a place where these special therapists can easily be found. Whether you are a teenager looking for the best therapist option or a parent desperately trying to find the right health provider for your child, the cost is going to be a primary concern.

This Teen Counseling cost breakdown will help you understand exactly how much the services cost. From insurance info to financial assistance, we have all the Teen Counseling pricing information you need.

How Much is Teen Counseling?

PlanMonthly CostWeekly Cost

*Prices may vary slightly based on user location.

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Teen Counseling Pricing Details Broken Down

  • The cost of services on Teen Counseling is dependent on each patient’s location and preferences.
  • The cost of service covers four monthly sessions, making the cost per session far below the average price of therapy in the United States.
  • The monthly cost of therapy is charged even if users miss some of their sessions.
  • The charge for therapy is a recurring fee that will continue to be processed until manually canceled by the account holder.

Teen Counseling Therapy Costs

Teen Counseling creates a safe and understanding space for teenagers to interact with specialized therapists. When signing up for a membership with Teen Counseling, the site will look into the patient’s preferences and location to determine the cost.

Some users will be able to spend as little as $60 a week on their service while others may need to spend up to $90 per week. These charges are billed monthly but cover four full sessions each month.

These costs allow the teen to interact with their therapist through many different methods, including:

  • Sending 24/7 Text Messages (responses are not 24/7)
  • Chatting Live
  • Phone Sessions
  • Face-To-Face Sessions over Video
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Payment Options Accepted at Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling accepts three main forms of payment; credit/debit card, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Users who utilize Google Pay may have the option to use other payment sources through the Google Pay app including JCB cards.

Teen Counseling Insurance Coverage Details

Teen Counseling is a matching service that helps teens begin private therapy with the best mental health care providers. Neither Teen Counseling nor the private providers offer the service of submitting medical claims to insurance.

The coverage for mental health care on insurance plans is often very restrictive and specific in its wording. Something that prevents online counseling from being covered in most cases. However, Teen Counseling has set its prices to create a platform where users are spending a similar amount per session as they would pay for an insurance copay.

Patients are welcome to submit a claim to their insurance, though reimbursement of service costs is highly unlikely.

Saving Money on Teen Counseling

When it comes to saving money on therapy, Teen Counseling makes it incredibly easy. First, you don’t need to apply for financial assistance through a separate worksheet. During sign-up, you will be able to mention your income and household size, which is taken into account in the cost process.

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Additionally, users will be asked how they heard about Teen Counseling. If users choose Youtube and pick a youtube channel, they will automatically be given a temporary additional discount that saves you 10% on the weekly cost of service.

Can I Try Teen Counseling for Free?

Teen Counseling doesn’t offer free trials, but all users are welcome to join for free and check out the site’s information before making a purchase. You will not be able to begin therapy before a purchase is made, but there is no obligation to buy therapy services when signing up for Teen Counseling.

If you want to create an account and begin the process of matching with a licensed therapist, just click on our convenient signup button below:

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Teen Counseling Pricing FAQ

Can a Teen Sign Themselves up for Teen Counseling?

You must be 18 years of age to sign up for Teen Counseling. Younger teens will need their parents to sign up for an account and start the process of finding a provider. Once a therapist is found, the teen can be invited into the account to begin therapy.

How Long Does The Discount From a Promotional Code Last?

If you save on your Teen Counseling monthly membership with a promotional code, it only applies to the payment on which it was used. The next month’s payment will not include the discount from the promotional code.

Can I Receive Financial Assistance on Teen Counseling?

Yes. Teen Counseling will ask you about your income level during the signup process. This information is used to adjust your monthly charge automatically, so there are no intimidating hoops to jump through to receive financial assistance.

Can I Receive Parenting Counseling Through Teen Counseling?

Yes! Teen Counseling does offer therapy services to parents who need help connecting with their teenager(s) or learning ways to handle out-of-control teenager(s).

Can I Pay for a Single Session of Counseling on Teen Counseling?

No. Teen Counseling does not offer per-session plans. Each plan is priced based on location and needs and covers four sessions over a month of time. These plans also include access to therapist chat, which can be used 24/7.