Teladoc Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Teladoc is a widely known and respected online medical services provider that also offers services for people looking for therapy or psychiatry. If you currently have medical insurance, you’re probably wondering how much Teladoc costs for you. And if you don’t happen to have coverage, is Teladoc affordable for the services and help you need?

In this guide, our experts break it all down. We’ll look at the most up-to-date pricing, how much each visit costs, and how Teladoc works with insurance programs. Screenshot - The Right Care When You Need it Most

How Much is Teladoc?

Type of ServicePricing UnitPrice
Therapy1 session without insurance$99
Therapy1 session with insurance$0-$99
Psychiatry1 initial session without insurance$299
Psychiatry1 follow-up session without insurance$119
Psychiatry1 session with insurance$0-$299

Teladoc Pricing Details Broken Down

  • The cost of a single session is the same for therapy/psychology and psychiatry.
  • Prices vary per session if you choose to use your insurance coverage.
  • There are no subscription plans or bulk discounts with Teladoc.

Teladoc Therapy, Psychology, and Psychiatry Costs

With Teladoc, the cost of services is pretty easy to follow. Unlike many other providers who offer subscription-style services, Teladoc operates on a per-visit basis. And what’s also interesting is that it appears the pricing for seeing a therapist and the pricing for seeing a psychiatrist (who can prescribe medicine) are the same. Generally, the cost to see a psychiatrist is higher with most other online therapy providers.

Key Takeaway

  • The pricing for services through Teladoc are significantly lower than the industry average for online therapy costs.
  • The fact that psychiatry services are the same price as therapy (and under $100) is a major positive for Teladoc.

Payment Options Accepted at Teladoc

Currently, Teladoc accepts all major credit cards and PayPal to cover the cost of your services. Additionally, your insurance may help to cover some or all of your costs.

Teladoc Insurance Coverage Details

Unlike some online therapy providers that appear hesitant to work with insurance, Teladoc is proud to work with patients who have insurance coverage or who are covered through an employer plan. During the sign-up process through the link provided, you’ll be asked to input your insurance company name. By doing so, you’ll find out immediately what is and what isn’t covered through your insurance provider.

Teladoc Pricing FAQ

How much is Teladoc monthly?

Teladoc does not work on monthly subscription plans. Mental health services are a la carte on a per-session basis of $99.

How much is Teladoc weekly?

Sessions at Teladoc are on a per session basis. There are no weekly subscription plans available. If you elect to have one session per week, the cost is $99 per week.

Can insurance cover Teladoc therapy?

Yes, many of the mental health services offered by Teladoc are covered through insurance. During the sign-up process through the links provided on this page, you can quickly find out if your insurance is honored or not through the company.

Is Teladoc expensive?

All Teladoc visit costs are $99. Compared with the rest of the industry, this is quite affordable. The fact that psychiatry services are the same cost is extremely inexpensive, as many other places are at least $200-$300 for a psychiatry visit. Teladoc is 1/3 of that price.