Wellnite Cost and Pricing Breakdown

Finding medical and mental health care online can be stressful. Many providers seem great, but then you find out they don’t accept your insurance or aren’t available for 6 weeks. That type of inconvenience can lead many mentally unwell people into ignoring their problems and avoiding treatment.

Wellnite wants to combat that.

With a wellnite membership, users will have access to doctors and/or mental health professionals multiple times each month. It is easy to find providers that accept insurance and who are available to schedule an appointment as soon as the same day.

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You may be wondering, “how much does a service like that cost?” This Wellnite cost breakdown will answer that question for you. We’ve laid out all the details of each membership cost and what you get for your money. Read on to find out if Wellnite is worth the money and how it might fit into your budget.

How Much is Wellnite?

Buckle up for this one, it gets confusing.

The first service plan is medical care and therapy. It can be purchased on a monthly, biannual, or annual basis. The second service plan is just medical care. It can be purchased biweekly, biannually, or annually. The last service option is just therapy. It is billed either monthly, biannually, or annually.

PlanTermMonthlyTotal Billed
Medical + TherapyAnnually$159.25$1911
Medical + TherapyBiannually$196$1176
Medical + TherapyMonthly$245$245
Medical CareAnnually$61.75$741
Medical CareBiannually$76$456
Medical CareBiweekly$95$47.50
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Wellnite Pricing Details Broken Down

  • Wellnite offers three variations of service; therapy with medical, just medical, and just therapy. 
  • The combination membership can save users money, but also comes with fewer overall services (2 therapy sessions a month vs 6). 
  • All services may be considerably cheaper after taking insurance coverage into account. 
  • Buying an annual plan can save you up to 30% on the cost of services when compared to paying month by month. 
  • Therapy-only plans include 6 monthly sessions, which breaks down to less than $100 per session – well below the average cost for therapy in the US. 

Wellnite Therapy Costs

Wellnite users have the choice between three plans – Medical coverage, Therapy Coverage, or Combo coverage.

The upfront costs of these services may seem high, but they come with a lot of benefits.

Medical coverage, for instance, includes access to 1-month doctor consultation, wholesale medication pricing, free medication deliveries, and 7 days a week access to member support. This plan can be purchased on a biweekly, biannual, or annual basis. This plan costs $95 a month, charged in a biweekly installment of $47.50.

wellnite pricing image1 95 dollars a month only

Therapy coverage is one of the most popular memberships on Wellnite. It includes access to 6 monthly video therapy sessions and 7 days a week customer support. The cost of membership is $450 a month, but users can bring the monthly cost down by purchasing an annual membership.

wellnite pricing image 450 monthly

The combo plan includes some medical and therapy coverage. Users will have access to 1 doctor consultation per month, wholesale medical pricing, free delivery on medication up to three times a month, 2 monthly video call therapist sessions, and 7 day-a-week member support. The cost of this plan is $245 a month.

wellnite pricing image 245 a month

Payment Options Accepted at Wellnite

Wellnite accepts payment via debit or credit card. The cards accepted include:

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Users of Wellnite are also able to pay for their services with an FSA or HSA. To use an FSA, users may need to seek prior approval from their employer.

Wellnite Insurance Coverage Details

Wellnite is currently able to work with PPO plans, allowing customers to gain 10%-100% reimbursement. Before starting a paid membership, users are entitled to a free consultation. During this time, new users can provide their insurance information and learn what, if any, coverage they will receive.

At this time, it does not appear that Wellnite works with HMO insurance plans.

Wellnite Slide Scale Pricing

According to Wellnite’s FAQ page, if users mention sliding scale pricing during their consultation, they may be able to have their monthly cost adjusted.

Wellnite Free Consultation

Wellnite offers a free 15-minute consultation to all new members. This is the perfect time to discuss your financial needs, ask about insurance, and learn about any promotions Wellnite may have to offer.

If you are interested in signing up for Wellnite, just click on our sign up now button!

Wellnite Pricing FAQ

Can I Purchase Additional Therapy Sessions “A La Carte”?

Yes. Therapy service members do have the option to pay for additional individual sessions if they run out of sessions before the month is over. The cost of these additional services will depend on the user’s provider and needs. More information on these costs will become available after signing up and pairing with a therapist.

Can I Pay for Wellnite With My PayPal Account?

No. Users will not be able to sign in to their PayPal account to make a payment for their services. However, PayPal business users with a PayPal Mastercard can use their card to pay for their Wellnite services.

Is Wellnite Cheaper Than Traditional Therapy Services?

Yes. Wellnite costs vary, but therapy sessions can be as inexpensive as $48.75 a piece (when paying for an annual therapy plan). This is well below the standard cost of therapy in the United States, which is around $180-$200 apiece.

Is Wellnite Cheaper Than Traditional Medical Services?

Wellnite also offers a medical coverage option that comes with a monthly visit and access to wholesale prescriptions. This service costs $95 a month. In the US, uninsured patients can spend up to $600 just to see a medical professional, which makes Wellnite far less expensive.

Alternatively, the average general physician copay for insured patients in the US is $35. For those users, Wellnite is far more expensive.

Can I Have My Prescriptions Delivered For Free?

Wellnite Members who use Combo or Medical service will have access to free medication delivery. This is limited to three deliveries per month and only applies to the medications prescribed through the site.

Delivery available is also subject to state laws. In some locations, medication delivery may not be available.