Patient Benefits Associated with Online Therapy

Medically Reviewed By: Samantha Renner, MS, LMHC, NCC

When life gets tough, it’s admirable to reach out to get the helping hand that you need. Up until recently, your only option when it came to mental health needs was to head into a local doctor’s office and talk to a professional. And while this method has been and continues to be effective, a new opportunity to get the help we need in a more convenient matter has arrived—online therapy.

Man Looking at an Online Therapy Site on His Laptop

If you’re considering giving online therapy a try, kudos to you. Not only does it take courage to choose to ask for help, but it takes courage to do so in a way that’s fairly new and innovative. One of the biggest questions that people ask when trying to decide if online therapy is right for them is ‘what are the benefits?’ Why would you choose to go this new route as opposed to sticking to what’s already proven to work?

Great point, and an incredibly valid set of questions. In this article, we want to explore some of the potential benefits that come with using online therapy. Some of these benefits may be more applicable to others, while some might be the case across the board. Others might depend on the provider you choose and what you’re trying to get help with.

All in all, though, a look at these benefits should help you to make the best decision about whether or not you want to give online therapy services a try.

The benefits of online therapy we’ll be looking at today include:

  • Convenience, Convenience, Convenience
  • Flexibility in Choosing a Therapist
  • Limited Issues When Someone Moves
  • Cost Savings
  • Comfort

And finally, we’ll answer the ever-important question of if online therapy is the right fit for you?

The 5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Patients

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

The commute time to your phone or to your computer is going to be a lot quicker than driving all the way down to the doctor’s office. Additionally, if you have changes in your schedule that force you to be out of town or unable to make it into the office for your appointment, you can still have your session. The convenience that comes with being able to use online therapy from anywhere that you have your phone or your computer and a connection is incredible.

Flexibility in Choosing a Therapist

When you use in-person therapy services, you’re limited geographically by how far you’re willing to drive. If there’s a great therapist that’s a perfect match for you that lives 100 miles away, you’re out of luck unless you feel like driving several hours every time you have a session.

Online therapy removes the geographical restrictions and opens up the ability for you to connect with the perfect therapist, no matter where they’re located.

Limited Issues When Someone Moves

What happens when you find the perfect therapist, build up a great working relationship, and then you or they have to move? If you’re using in-person therapy services, it means you’ll need to find someone new to work with. If you’re using online therapy, though, the chances are very high that you’ll be able to continue seeing the same therapist.

You may not have any plans to move as of now, but you never know what life may bring to you or what life may bring to your therapist.

Cost Savings

Online therapy companies don’t have to pay for offices and a lot of the other overhead costs that a traditional brick and mortar therapy location does. What this means for you is that in a lot of situations, you may be able to see some great savings by choosing online therapy over in-person services.


The key to a successful therapy regimen is comfort. If you’re not comfortable enough to share your true feelings and concerns, your results may be hindered. For many, the idea of going into a doctor’s office makes them nervous, shy, and uncomfortable. If that’s where you are, then you may see a lot of benefits from using online therapy services.

Instead of sitting in a strange office after waiting in a strange waiting room with strangers, you can be at home where you’re comfortable. Not only could this help you to feel better, but it could help you to see a lot more growth and progress from your sessions.

Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

The bottom line question that most people want to answer is if online therapy is the right fit for them or not. The answer is going to depend on you, what you’re comfortable with, what’s important to you, and what you’re looking to get help for.

One of the best ways to determine if something is a good fit or not is to give it a try. If you try online therapy and don’t like it, you can always go the more traditional route. But if you find out that you really do like it, you’ll be glad you took a chance to give it a try.