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Looking for the best online therapy provider for you? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has taken the time to review and rank the top online therapy service providers in the country. These honest, non-biased reviews look at the pros, the cons, the good, and the bad when it comes to what you can expect.

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After reviewing multiple therapy apps and websites we’ve boiled down the options and came away with these three favorites. If you’re not sure where to start looking here are the services we’d recommend:

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Our Review Process – How We Rank Therapy Apps

With so many therapy services online it can be difficult to know which is the right fit for your needs—both medical and financial. Our team fully understands this, and have spent time and money reviewing various factors of any therapy app our readers might run into.

Here are some of the points you can expect to find on all of our therapy service reviews and why that matter to you as a user.

  • Pros and Cons List
  • Mental Health Services Offered
  • Pricing Options and Insurance
  • Review of Patient Privacy Practices
  • “The Verdict – Is It Worth It?”

Pros and Cons List

To provide truly unbiased reviews our team does their best to present the good, the bad, and when necessary even the downright ugly. We believe this is the only way to adequately equip our readers to make the right decisions toward getting the help they need.

Mental Health Services Offered

Just because a service is reputable or well-rated doesn’t mean that it can provide the type of help you need. There are online options for therapy, psychology, psychiatry, counseling, meditation, and more. The bottom line is this; if there are not professionals to help in your area of need, then even an amazing telehealth service will do you no good.

Pricing Options and Insurance

Like us, our readers are real people with bills, families, car payments, and other expenses. As much as we all may wish it wasn’t true—cost has to be a factor included in a truly informed decision. For this reason, all of our mental health service reviews will feature the latest pricing plans as well as information about available insurance, copays, and financial aid options.

Review of Patient Privacy Practices

The harsh truth is that not all therapy sites are created equal. Before you sign up you’ll want to know what the service is doing to protect it’s users and their personal private data. Our patient privacy review ranges from technical benchmarks like encryption to upholding crucial medical standards like HIPAA compliance.

“The Verdict – Is It Worth It?”

Sometimes you just want a simple answer. You may not need all of the details but instead just the answer to a simple question like, “Is this therapy app worth my time and money?”. Every one of our reviews will have a section that boils down ease of use, user ratings, pros and cons, and all the other factors mentioned above to answer that question and help you decide if the service is right for you or not. And here’s a promise…

We will NEVER let any online therapy service pay for better reviews or ranking positions.

We truly value the mental health of our readers and never want to recommend anything but the absolute best therapists, counselors, and telehealth services. Our hope is that our site can be a helpful resource on your path to peace of mind.