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If you are reading this article, you are likely aware of just how many online therapy services there are these days. Each one claims to be the best, but how well a service works for a patient is completely based on that patient’s needs, accessibility, budget, and goals. That’s why we think it is important to really assess your options before making any financial choices. 

To help, we’ve put together thorough reviews of some of the best digital therapy services. Today, we are taking a look at a long-established service – Dr. On Demand. If you are interested in saying what all the hype for this service is about, just keep reading. 

If you are more interested in the detailed cost breakdown of this service, check out our article on that very subject.

2022 Doctor On Demand Review Score – 4.7/5

Ease of Use5.0/5.0
Services Offered4.8/5.0
Patient Privacy5.0/5.0
Cost of Care4.6/5.0
Final Score4.7/5.0

Contents of our Dr. on Demand Review

Pros and Cons of Dr. On Demand Therapy


  • Free mental health assessment before starting any services
  • All therapists are US based and rated at least 4.9/5 by patients
  • Psychology services start at $129/session
  • Psychiatry services cost between $129/session and $299/ session
  • Free to sign up and no recurring fees
  • Only pay for the consultations you schedule/attend
  • Accepts insurance


  • Services are on the more expensive end of online behavioral healthcare
  • Missed appointments (not cancelled with 24 hour notice) will still cost the patient a fee that may equal the full appointment cost

Fast Facts About Dr. On Demand Online Therapy

  • Doctor On Demand was founded in 2012 and is based in California
  • Only uses US based psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Psychiatrists can order prescriptions for patients (may not be able to prescribe certain medications)
  • You can choose your own therapist or switch at any time
  • 4.8 stars and over 50,000 reviews on Google Play
  • 4.9 stars and over 100,000 reviews on IOS app store
  • Dr. On Demand only offers video therapy, which means it can be covered by insurance plans that pay for telemedicine services
  • Dr. On Demand’s utilizes a mental health assessment to help recommend the best services and providers for you. 

The Sign-Up Process – 3 Simple Steps

Signing up on Doctor On Demand is a 3-step process. 

First, find the “join now” button, which is located at the top right if you are on a desktop. You will be asked to enter an email, your birthday, and a password. Read and agree to the terms of service, then click “create account.”

Next, you will fill in more personal details including your name, phone number, and your insurance information. This means you will know right away if Dr. On Demand’s services are covered by your insurance! You may be asked to verify your email address before moving on to the final step of the process. 

Once you have established your account with your info and insurance, you will need to take the mental health assessment. This is a quick assessment that is similar to the questionnaire you would fill out at any “in person” therapy appointment. After your assessment, you will see a list of service providers that you can search through and begin scheduling appointments. 

Services Offered by Doctor On Demand

Dr. On Demand offers:

  • Anxiety Care
  • Depression Care
  • PostPartum Mental Health Care
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Trauma and Loss Therapy
  • Screening for PTSD, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and More
  • Other Telemedicine Services (Urgent Care)

How Dr. On Demand Works

When you sign up for Dr. On Demand, you will be asked to add your insurance information. You do not need to enter information at this time, as it can be added while scheduling your appointment. If you do input it, your service prices may be updated to reflect your coverage. 

Your homepage (when signed in) will have two appointment options: medical or mental health. You will need to choose, “schedule an appointment” on the mental health side of the page. 

The site will ask you who the appointment is for, you or a dependent, and then request permission to access your cameras and microphone. This is essential for your video therapy service. 

If you are not using insurance, the site may ask you to look up your provider. You can skip this by choosing the “skip” option below the input field.

You will be asked to choose between a psychiatry visit or a psychology visit. You can also ask for help deciding. Once you choose a service-type, you will see a list of licensed therapists from whom to choose. Read their bios and user reviews to decide who you like the best, then, look through their availability calendar to set up an appointment. 

The Extras We Found During Our Dr. On Demand Review

Doctor On Demand has been around for nearly a decade, so they have really learned what kind of amenities their clients want. One thing that makes their service special is that they offer additional services that can help treat the additional symptoms of anxiety and depression. These services include chronic care service, urgent care services, and preventative health services. 

Dr. On Demand has also been known to send out coupons and discount codes, which is a great way for users to prolong their services, try new services, or even help bring a loved one around on getting the help they need.

Reviewing Dr. On Demand Patient Privacy

Dr. On Demand is accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and is considered a HITRUST organization. This means that they are highly renowned for their adherence to privacy policies, best practices, and security standards.

The company does not share any personal health information. In some cases, records of appointments can be sent to a general care physician, but only with the explicit permission of the patient. 

All information transferred, including health infor, personal data, communications, and credit card information, is protected by encrypted servers and databases. The system is high-grade and HIPAA compliant. 

Doctor On Demand Cost and Insurance

Dr. On Demand has moderately higher prices compared to similar online behavioral health providers. However, they are also accepting of many insurance providers. Many patients can offset the cost of their appointments or even pay nothing at all. 

For uninsured patients, psychology appointments cost $79 for a 25-minute session, or $179 for a 50-minute session. Psychiatry is slightly more expensive. An initial consultation costs $299 for 45 minutes. Then, followup, 15-minute consultations cost $129. 

Additional session time may be added for an additional cost.

Dr. On Demand Costs

Type of ServiceSession LengthPrice
Therapy/Psychology (Initial)50 minutes$179
Therapy/Psychology (Follow-Up)25 minutes$79
Psychiatry (Initial)45 minutes$299
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)15 minutes$129

Key Details About the Pricing at Dr. On Demand

  • No recurring fees for membership
  • Psychiatry services range in price from $129 – $299
  • Psychology services range in price from $79  – $179
  • Additional session time may be able to be purchased
  • You may be able to use insurance to pay for your services

Does Dr. On Demand Offer Financial Assistance?

Dr. On Demand does not offer financial assistance based on income or other statuses. However, the company occasionally offers coupons and discount codes to help offset service costs. 

Does Dr. On Demand take insurance?

Yes! Dr. On Demand accepts insurance for all their services, though you will need to ensure that your insurance plan includes telemedicine/telehealth services. 

Verdict – Is Dr. On Demand Worth It?

Dr. On Demand is a very popular online therapy option, and for good reason. Their providers are some of the best in the business and they can provide a wide array of services Whether you need individual therapy to help with anxiety, or you need a group session for you and a partner, Dr. On Demand can help you. While you may prefer a service with overall lower prices, the level of care and professionalism found with Dr. On Demand is unparalleled. 

Dr. On Demand is great for people who:

  • Need access to psychiatry services
  • Want access to a free mental health assessment
  • Have insurance to help offset costs
  • Want access to standard healthcare and prescription services along with their behavioral health care
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Doctor On Demand FAQ

Are all of the therapists at Dr. On Demand licensed?

Yes! Dr. On Demand only works with psychologists and psychiatrists that are licensed, highly-educated, and well reviewed by their patients. 

How long does it take at Dr. On Demand to get matched with a therapist?

Dr. On Demand will offer you a list of service providers immediately after signing up and completing your assessment. You will choose your own provider from this list, which saves you time when compared to services that match you with one specific provider. 

Does Doctor On Demand Have Prescription Services?

Yes! Dr. On Demand’s psychiatrists are able to prescribe medications. However, they may not be able to write prescriptions for controlled substances. 

Is Dr. On Demand better than My Online Therapy?

Dr. On Demand and My Online Therapy are two incredibly popular options in the online therapy market. The services are pretty comparable, all things considered, but here are some notable differences. 

  • My Online Therapy is cheaper, but the prices are all in Euros.
  • Dr. On Demand doesn’t offer text-based therapy sessions, but insurance won’t cover those services on My Online Therapy. 
  • My Online Therapy provides a weekly guidance service that isn’t available on Dr. On Demand.