Headspace App Review (2022)

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What an interesting title for an app, Headspace. It is the place where we all live twenty-four hours a day, we are quite literally always in our heads. Even while we are asleep our minds are hard at work running the show.

What does it look like to clear your headspace? Well, the app creators over at Headspace have set out to show you. In our Headspace App review today, we’re going to break down everything you ever wanted to know about this app. We’ll talk features, pricing, pros, cons, and answer the million-dollar question—is the Headspace App worth it?

2022 Headspace App Review Score – 4.8/5

Ease of Use4.6/5.0
Final Score4.8/5.0

Contents of our Headspace Review

Pros and Cons of the Headspace App


  • New daily meditations on fresh topics every day
  • Monthly and annual subscription options
  • All accounts come with a free trial


  • Unable to save your unfinished meditations for later
  • No way for users to create their own playlist of favorites

The overall experience of using the Headspace App is great. The creators of the app did an amazing job making the app easy to use and showcased that meditation can be fun. The app uses a lot of bright vibrant colors, and adorable animations.

The Headspace App’s animations take you back to a time when you were a kid with zero worries in the world. A time when everything was lite and easy. Which is exactly how you feel after using the Headspace App. Bravo Headspace, bravo!

Fast Facts About the Headspace Relaxation App

  • Headspace was founded in 2010 in London by co-founder Andy Puddicombe.
  • The co-founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe, is an ordained Buddhist monk specializing in meditation and mindfulness practices.
  • Over 66 million users of the Headspace App across all platforms

App Store and Google Play Ratings and Awards

  • iOS App Store – 4.8 stars over 900,000 reviews
  • Google Play Store – 4.3 stars over 275,000 reviews

What is the Headspace App?

The Headspace App is an all-in-one resource for individuals who are working towards better clarity in their thought life and who want to enjoy a more restful and relaxing sleep. The app uses the principles of mindfulness to help users to achieve greater inner peace.

Mindfulness is perhaps easier said than done. The principles of mindfulness involve clearing your mind completely which is said by professionals to have positive mental and physical health benefits. Just like your body needs a good rest every single evening, your mind needs a rest from the constant input it experiences throughout the day. And as you’ll see as we dive deeper into our Headspace App review, the developers accomplished that and more.

Is Headspace User Friendly?

During our review of the Headspace App we found the app itself to be rather user friendly. Like how your phone operates, the app is set up with the main features listed along the bottom of every page. This allows users to easily move back and forth between the Headspace App’s pages.

Each section within the Headspace App is clearly laid out. Each tab within the app (meditate, sleep, move, focus) have featured items listed at the top following by different categories below. If you are looking for something specific, then you would want to scroll down to where the categories are listed.

Headspace Features Breakdown

The Wake Up

During our Headspace App review, we came across this gem called The Wake Up. It offers a daily dose of inspiration through short question and answer videos and other topical videos. The Wake Up videos feature guest speakers as well as the co-founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe. In these short videos the speaker takes you through a breathing exercise before they dive into sharing their expertise on mindfulness and meditation.

Today’s Mindful Moments

The Headspace App may have struck gold with this extremely simple feature called Mindful Moments. This feature of the app includes a simple thought-provoking question which gets the user to think about how they approach their everyday life. It will leave you thinking, why hadn’t I thought about that?

Community Story

Who does not love a motivating story to start their day? The Headspace App thought this through when they created the Community Stories feature. Users may submit their short stories of the impact the Headspace App and mindfulness has had on their lives, as well as read the motivating short stories submitted by other users.


This feature of the Headspace App highlights many options when it comes to meditation. The mindfulness exercises help users to learn how to manage their thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

The meditation options range from guided and unguided videos. You may take single sessions, opt to take a multi-session course, or even join a group meditation. Whatever kind of mindfulness exercise you are searching for you’ll find it in the Headspace App.


We especially like the add a buddy function available through the Headspace App. This feature can be located through your user profile page via the small icon of a person located in the top left-hand corner of the app. Click on the Share buddy link button to begin sharing with friends.


Our favorite part of our Headspace App review was getting to play around with the sleep feature. Who does not love tapping a restful nap as a part of your workday? We put the Headspace App’s Soundscapes music, Sleepcasts, and winddown meditations to the test. They passed with flying colors, as all participants were “out like a light”.


Stretching and moving our bodies is vital to not only keeping our muscles healthy and less stressed, but also our minds. When you have a muscle ache you can feel it, but your mind runs a marathon just thinking about it. The Headspace App added this great feature to help you get your body warmed up in the morning, do meditative stretches during the day, and wind down before going to sleep at night.

What Does the Headspace App Cost?

PlanTermPriceBilled As
Monthly1 Month$12.99 1 Monthly Payment
Annual (Save 60%)1 Year$69.991 Annual Payment

There are two different pricing scales for subscription with the Headspace App. The first option is an annual membership just below 70 dollars for the year. This works out to be about six dollars per month.

The second subscription option is a monthly renewal at just under 13 dollars per month. What is even better is that you get a free trial period with both subscription options to check out the Headspace App to see if it is for you. So, go ahead and try it out risk free.

Verdict – Is the Headspace App Worth It?

Our Headspace App review left us feeling refreshed, motivated and with clearer minds. Not only did we rest well (while working, lol) we noticed an increase in our overall mood and production. We found whether you are a beginner or a more advanced meditation guru, the Headspace App had something for everyone.

The bottom line is that we believe the Headspace App is worth the investment. If you are seeking out a greater level of peace and looking to reduce your overall stress level, then the Headspace App is for you.

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Headspace FAQ

Is the Headspace app free?

You may download the Headspace App for free. There are limited features available for use without a subscription to the app. For full use of the app and to enjoy all its features, you must enroll in a subscription plan.

Can I use the Headspace app on my iPhone?

Yes. You may download the Headspace App from Apple’s App Store. The Headspace App is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and even in iMessage. Users can send fun Headspace emojis through iMessage if they are enrolled in a Headspace subscription plan.

Can I use the Headspace app on my Android?

Yes. You may download the Headspace App onto your Android device from the Google Play Store. The Headspace App is compatible with most Android devices.