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There are dozens of teletherapy providers on the market these days and they all offer comparable services. Chances are, you have likely come across a few big names like LiveHealth and wonder, “what makes them different?” Well, trust us, there are some pretty key differences among these websites that you should consider before spending your hard earned money.

While we have detailed information on all of these companies, today we are focusing on LiveHealth – one of the most cost-effective options for uninsured patients. This website has a lot to offer, but there are a few small blemishes on their record as well. So, let’s dive in and see what LiveHealth is all about. 

2022 LiveHealth Online Review Score – 4.9/5

Ease of Use4.8/5.0
Final Score4.9/5.0

Contents of our LiveHealth Online Review

Pros and Cons of LiveHealth Online Therapy


  • Therapy sessions for uninsured patients start at $80/session
  • If your insurance allows telemedicine visits, you may be covered on LiveHealth
  • Pricing is upfront, and you know what your costs are before the visit begins
  • You can access LiveHealth online or on their highly rated app
  • Users also have access to standard medical services on LiveHealth
  • Sign up is fast and easy
  • Health Care Providers are Licensed and psychiatrists can prescribe non-controlled medication


  • Does not offer 24/7 texting or messaging to therapists
  • Prescriptions services are limited by the laws and regulations of your state

Fast Facts About LiveHealth Online Therapy

  • Founded in 2013 and headquartered in India
  • Provides a full spectrum of telemedicine services
  • Has a staff of licensed and skilled professionals
  • Services available for Spanish speaking patients as well
  • 4.5 Stars and over 5,900 reviews on Google Play
  • 4.9 stars and over 62,000 reviews on IOS App Store
  • LiveHealth Online is a relatively young company but has shown great growth potential 
  • Therapy providers range from counselors, to psychologists and psychiatrists, so you can adjust your pricing based on the education and experience of your provider. 

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up for LiveHealth Online is quick and easy. Simply enter your name and email, choose a password, and read through/ agree to the website’s terms and conditions. Then you will provide some personal information regarding your age, gender, and location.You will even have the opportunity to include insurance information so LiveHealth can assess your coverage. 

You will need to check your email for a confirmation notice, to make sure your account gets fully activated. Once complete, you can change any information or details you need on your account page. You can even add credit card information to store for easy payments down the line. 

There are no personality tests or questionnaires to fill out because LiveHealth is not a therapist matching service. Instead, you can search through the available providers licensed in your state, read their reviews and bios, and determine who you would like to make an appointment with based on your own opinions. 

If you do feel you need additional help filling out your profile, navigating the site, or determining the best therapist for your needs, you can contact customer service via telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Services Offered by LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth offers standard counseling services along with access to psychologists and psychiatrists. The platform is a full spectrum telemedicine provider, so patients also have access to standard medical care as well. 

How LiveHealth Works

LiveHealth’s website is sectioned out so you can search for information and providers based on your needs. You might need medical care, therapy services, psychiatric services, or something else. Once you have navigated to the area of the website that suits your needs, you will be able to look through providers based on a specific time you have available. Alternatively, you can choose the provider you like best and make your appointment based on their availability.

Once you are ready to make your appointment, you will be shown a calendar with available times and dates. You pick the best option for you and follow the prompts to complete your appointment scheduling. You will be given a total cost before your appointment begins, so you won’t end up paying more than you expect. 

You will need to provide your credit or debit card information up front, but you won’t be charged unless you attend the appointment. There may be applicable fees for last minute cancellations, but you will be informed of these fees before finalizing your appointment. When your billing confirmation page is given to you (prior to your appointment) you will be able to see any cost adjustments based on your insurance coverage. 

The Extras We Found During Our LiveHealth Review

LiveHealth Online seems to pride itself on its patient care and its ability to provide users with a plethora of knowledge and advice. Whether you are a new mother trying to handle the stresses of a colicky baby or an older man who has suddenly developed an intolerance to lactose, there is information and advice that can help you cope with your day to day living. 

We also found that patients have the option to set up their appointments online or over the phone. This is especially handy for older patients who may not be as technologically inclined. Appointments can be made 24/7, but that doesn’t guarantee you will be able to see a therapist that same day. 

Our favorite discovery while researching LiveHealth is just how easy it is to understand their pricing and remain informed on the actual prices you are paying. Whether or not you are using insurance, the website calculates and informs you of the total cost of your appointment before you attend. This prevents you from paying more than you expect for service. 

Reviewing LiveHealth Patient Privacy

LiveHealth is very transparent when it comes to their privacy policies. They are clear that they never share your personal information outside of the scope of your permissions and federal law. They even withhold your information from your provider until you give them permission to share. They strictly abide by HIPAA regulations, but are also not responsible for any violations made by health providers on their site. If you feel that your rights have ever been violated, do not hesitate to make a report on the HHS (Health and Human Services) website.

LiveHealth Online Cost and Insurance

Patients love that LiveHealth Online can be covered by insurance, but uninsured patients love the site even more. That is because their service costs are some of the absolute lowest in the industry even though they are provided by reputable, licensed professionals. Basic counseling for uninsured patients starts at $80. Psychiatric visits cost $175 for an initial visit and $75 for follow ups. 

Key Details About the Pricing at LiveHealth

  • You never pay recurring fees for services you might not use
  • Counseling visits cost $80/session
  • Therapy with a psychologist costs $95/ session
  • You must use a debit or credit card for payment

Does LiveHealth Offer Financial Assistance?

LiveHealth does not offer any supplemental financial assistance. However, you may be able to use Insurance to help with costs. 

Does LiveHealth Online take insurance?

Yes! LiveHealth Online accepts insurance and may be covered by most insurance providers. To see if your insurance covers teletherapy services you can call the number listed on your insurance card. Alternatively, you can submit your insurance information to LiveHealth and begin scheduling an appointment, you will be able to see on the pricing page if insurance has covered any of your cost. 

Type of ServiceSessionsPrice
TherapyPer visit$80
PsychologyPer visit$95
Psychiatry (Initial)One time$175
Psychiatry (Follow-Up)As needed$75

Verdict – Is LiveHealth Therapy Worth It?

LiveHealth Online is one of the most inexpensive ways to access great online therapy services for those that are uninsured. That alone makes them worth it. If you would like a deeper look into LiveHealth’s cost, take a look at our in-depth LiveHealth cost analysis. 

LiveHealth Online is great for people who:

  • Need psychiatric care for an affordable price
  • Want to receive teletherapy services that are covered by insurance
  • Don’t want to be tethered to recurring membership fees
  • Want to be able to adjust their therapy schedule to specifically match their budget
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LiveHealth FAQ

Are all of the therapists at LiveHealth licensed?

Yes! All the therapists on LiveHealth are licensed counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists. 

How long does it take at LiveHealth to get matched with a therapist?

LiveHealth is not a therapy matching service. Instead, you will be able to look through available therapists licensed in your state and choose who you would like to see based on their experience, availability, and more. 

Is LiveHealth better than Dr. On Demand?

LiveHealth and Dr. On Demand are often compared to one another based on their similarity in services and platform. If you would like to see how these two companies compare, take a look at our full write up on LiveHealth vs. Dr. On Demand.